How To Reduce Cholesterol?

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How To Reduce Cholesterol?
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How To Reduce Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a dreaded word and when we have a health examination done, we pray to the Almighty that our cholesterol figures are okay. However, what many of us do not know is that there are two types of cholesterol viz HDL or High Density Lipoproteins and LDL or Low Density Lipoproteins. Cholesterol also known as 'Blood Lipids' is a sticky fatty substance made in the Liver.

The HDL carries the unused and unwanted cholesterol back to the Liver using the blood stream. It prevents these substances from getting deposited in the arteries and hence the name - Good Cholesterol. The LDL or Bad Cholesterol carries substances from the liver to the cells. The density is low and hence it contains more fat which causes it to stick to the arteries and this can result in a stroke or even heart disease. Now comes the moot point - How to reduce the LDL or Bad Cholesterol.

One way of course is to go to a cardiologist and get suitable medication. This medication is also called statins and these reduce the health risks by about and also help in reducing cholesterol. But apart from medication, you can also follow certain health practices which can help reduce your cholesterol and make you healthier. Do remember that before starting any health program, you must consult a qualified health professional. brings to you certain lifestyle change which when you implement are certain to reduce your cholesterol as well as make you fitter.

1. Banish Stress - Whether we like it or not, stress in our times is the biggest killer. Unfortunately it is also a silent killer which means that we do not know the impact of stress till it has taken its toll on our health. There are ways to counteract stress and you can refer to for previous articles on how to reduce stress. However suffice to say that if you are organized, have a certain amount of self discipline and meditate daily you will reduce stress for yourself.

2. Incorporate Physical ACtivity in your life - It could be a 30 - 40 minute activity, but you must stick to it daily. It could be something like jogging or walking or even cycling.

3. Change your diet - This would mean that you forego of red meat and incorporate white meat in your diet. Ideally you should try to eat as much vegeterian meals as is possible. Also forego fried stuff such as Samosas, Vadas etc. You must also not eat processed atta which is found in biscuits, crackers and pasteries. Avoid anything that has transfats in them.

4. Reduce Alcohol intake and quit smoking - Alcohol consumption is harmful to health though recent research says having it in moderation may improve your health. Also you just have to let go of Cigarette Smoking. Smoking kills literally and enough has been said on it already and hopefully need not add on to that.

5. Keep a healthy weight - Try not to put on weight because as you go on adding weight, you are bound to suffer from related problems such as blood pressure, heart disease etc. Eat food that is high in fibre and reduce your intake of salt. If you are able to follow the above mentiond steps, you will go a long way in reducing your cholesterol. So what are you waiting for?

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