Sallu-Kat - On or Off?

By First Posted: Sep 4, 2010 Sat 9:43 PM Updated: Sep 4, 2010 Sat 10:19 PM
Sallu-Kat - On or Off?
Image Credit: had written a few weeks back about how Salman and Katrina were no longer an item. In fact there were reports that Katrina was so upset with the Dabangg star's comment that he was single, that she had even shed tears publicly. In fact Kat has reportedly said this at a press event - "If Salman says that he is single, then I am single too". Salman's attitude about this relationship was that he does not care and Katrina as usual was tight lipped after her outburst at the press event.

We all thought that it was quits for this wonderful couple and everybody wished that they were back together. But knowing Salman's propensity of getting in and out of relationships and Katrina's reported closeness with the new hunk on the block - Ranbir, it seemed that this was a relationship that was bound to meet its end sooner than later.

So it came as a pleasant surprise to all when there were reports of Salman and Katrina getting together for doing a jig for Farah Khan's Tees Maar Khan. As we all know, Tees Maar Khan is Farah Khan's latest film which stars Akshay Kumar in the lead role. In fact it is reported that Salman gave his instant nod to the dance number that was to be picturised on him and Kat. Akshay Kumar was also reported to share screen space in this song and dance number that was to be picturised on Sal-Kat.

Whether Kat is also ok with being with Salman in one frame is something that nobody is confirming. Both Salman & Katrina have never confirmed publicly about being in a relationship. So even if they are back together, for sure they are not going to confirm publicly. Meanwhile Salman is busy in generating hype for his upcoming movie - Dabangg which if reports are to be believed has aroused tremendous excitement among the public.

So if Katrina and Salman are going to shake a leg for a song, there are bound to be sparks that will fly all around. Meanwhile Farah's Tees Maar Khan has surely earned a lot of free publicity by virtue of this news. Whether the free publicity will translate into box office success, we will surely know after Dabangg is released.

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