How to dress up well without pinching your pocket.

By First Posted: Sep 3, 2010 Fri 1:38 AM Updated: Dec 20, 2014 Sat 2:32 PM
How to dress up well without pinching your pocket.
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We have all wondered how good it would be if we had a figure like Priyanka Chopra. We have admired the dresses that our favourite celebrities wear and wonder how good it would be if we had such expensive dresses. But you must also know that the dresses that our celebrities wear are tailored to perfection by well-known designers and would cost a bomb if we bought such dresses. brings to you tips on how to dress well without making a hole in your pocket.

1. Keep an eye out for the word SALE - Fashion is fickle they say, and gets replaced very fast. It is thus in the order of things that dresses lying unsold with designers have to be replaced with the newer stuff. To get rid of the dresses already lying with them, fashion designers resort to heavy discounts called 'End of Season Sale'. If you notice something like this with a well known designer, do not hesitate to walk into the store and ask for dresses on discount. You can land something very nice at a relatively cheaper rate.

2. Invest in dresses with neutral colours - Colours such as grey, brown go well with other colours. So if you have a grey trouser, it will go well with white, pink and black shirts. Invest in dresses with such colours so that you can use them with a wider range of colours which mix and match well.

3. Find a good tailor - If designer stuff is too expensive for you, then look for a personal tailor who will give you a good fit and who has knowledge of the latest in fashion. Once you find such a tailor, do not let him go. Even if he makes a mistake with your dress once in a while, go with him only. It is better to have one ill-fitting dress rather than having several ill-fitting dresses due to giving a try to a variety of tailors.

4. Buy expensive accessories - Even if your dress may not be very expensive, if you wear good quality accessories with it, you would have still done a decent job. So invest well in good shoes, handbags, belts, earrings, sunglasses, watches and jewellery.

5. Be Yourself - Do not obsess over your dress. Finally it is you who should dictate your sense of fashion. You are the best judge of yourself. However it is a good idea to find a good friend or a family member such as a sister or cousion who would be able to give you an honest opinion when you try out a new dress. Do write in to us with your suggestions and let us know if you liked this article...

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