How to Reverse Aging

By First Posted: Aug 27, 2010 Fri 11:37 PM Updated: Dec 20, 2014 Sat 2:32 PM
How to Reverse Aging
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We all want to look like Katrina. The oomph queen is not only one of the most searched celebrities on the internet, but also enjoys the enviable reputation of being one of the most beautiful women in the world. Katrina has been around 4-5 years in Bollywood, but she still looks young and beautiful. So you may ask, what is it that Katrina does to manage looking so young all the time. Fear not for Memsaab is here. We bring to you some tips on what you can do to always look young and beautiful.

1. Mind your Diet - You are what you eat. Grandma was not wrong when she insisted that you eat your nuts and drink your milk. Nuts are very high in antioxidants and contain protein. Apart from nuts, you should have green vegetables, curd, lots of fruit and grains in your diet. Do not run after fad diets.

2. Exercise - This is very important. Your body is like a machine. If a machine is not oiled, it will spoil in sometime. You have to treat your body with respect and give it the attention it deserves. Take out sometime everyday to indulge in some kind of activity. The best form of exercise if walking. You can try swimming in summers which keeps you cool as well. Cycling, Jogging, Gymming all are good forms of exercise, but what beats all of these hands down is Yoga. It is holistic form of exercise that without stressing your body, makes it supple and fit.

3. Sleep - Have you had your beauty sleep? Don't they say this? Sleep is very necessary for your body and a sleep deprived body has pale, tired looking skin. Sleep helps repair the body cells. 7-8 hours of sleep everyday is a must for everybody and anybody.

4. De-stressing techniques such as relaxation, meditation etc. - Hope you have read our article on 'How to Meditate'. Meditation is a tool that helps your body to relax and keeps you away from unwanted stress. Your skin glows and you are much at peace.

5. Work-Life Balance - We slog away our lives only to realise that after reaching the pinnacle, our family is no longer the family it used to be. Our kids have grown up. Our spouses have drifted or outgrown us. Is it worth it that the people who we slog for drift away from us? Maintain reasonable working hours and enjoy your weekends.

6. Vacations - In continuation from the above, vacations help you relax and de-stress. Your wrinkles smoothen. (Okay, that was an exaggeration!). But taking vacations with the family helps you recharge your batteries. Wait for our next article on tips to look younger where we will bring to you more points. Till then enjoy..

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