When Salman Made Katrina Cry...

By First Posted: Aug 26, 2010 Thu 7:56 PM Updated: Feb 3, 2011 Thu 6:04 PM
When Salman Made Katrina Cry...
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Salman Khan is a big name in our country and he has a strong fan base that spans across all ages and cultures. This popularity of Salman Khan became a reason for the tears of a beautiful lady recently. A few days ago, Salman Khan publicly talked about his break-up with long time girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Salman announced that he is "now single". Not surprisingly, this has earned him a lot of sympathy from his over-zealous fans who love him like life itself. Nothing wrong with that, except that our lady "Kat" had to pay the price for this public declaration. Recently Katrina Kaif made an appearance at a brand endorsement event. The promotional event was accompanied with a press conference in the honor of our Kat. But the scribes who attended the press conference found it difficult to contain their curiosity. The journalists began questioning Katrina about her personal life and started harassing her with questions about her break-up with Salman Khan. The scribes implied with their questions that Katrina was responsible for breaking Salman's heart. Katrina tried to maintain her composure but could not stand the barrage of attacking questions for long. Finally she exited from the press conference saying, "If Salman says we’ve split, it must be true." A close friend of Katrina has been quoted as saying, "Katrina is a strong girl and not prone to public display of emotion. But on Tuesday night, she broke down and wept after the event, wondering why she was being subjected to questions on something that Salman had said. Firstly, it was unfair of Salman to speak about their so-called split; they had decided between themselves that they would never talk in public about what transpired between them. Katrina has been hurting ever since Salman made the remark that he is now single. Katrina, on the other hand, shares a very personal relationship with Salman’s family and she would never put it up for public scrutiny." Admitting that this incident has left her shaken, Kat said, "What happened was very, very disturbing. I had the entire congregation of media persons questioning me about a statement made by Salman. If for all these years I haven’t spoken about the relationship, why should I do so now? I won’t be bullied into talking about my personal life. I am going to take contractual action to ensure limits are not crossed at these events." We are reminded of the time when Kat stood by Salman during his stint at the jail. It is sad that now things have come to this! We wish things were different for this lovely "once was a" couple.

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