Is your boyfriend ignoring you? Part 2

By First Posted: Aug 10, 2010 Tue 11:22 PM Updated: Jul 9, 2014 Wed 9:24 PM
Is your boyfriend ignoring you? Part 2
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We had promised to be back with tips on what to do if your boyfriend has been ignoring you. Well, here we are with the second part in our series on what you should be doing if your boyfriend is giving you the royal ignore. Read further to know more...

1. Give him the kick - If he has the termity of ignoring you now, imagine how he will behave after marriage. Our opinion is that nobody in this world is worth it if it costs you your self respect. Drop him like a hot potato if he ignores you.

2. Make him feel unimportant - If you still love him, inspite of the indifference he is heaping on you, then you need to do this - Make your self unavailable. If he asks you out on a date, tell him that you are busy. If he calls you, tell him that you cannot talk now since you are occupied with work or studies or invent some excuse. If he does not call you for 10 days, so be it. At some point of time, he will begin to feel the pinch. At this point, he will realise your true worth.

3. Make him jealous - Envy never fails to work. Tell him about the hot new hunk in your office. Tell him about the stud next door. Call up your male friends when you are with him. Soon he will know that there are choices galore for you as well. This should bring him to his senses.

4. Confront the problem head-on - It always makes sense to talk it out in any relationship. If he has been giving you the cold shoulder, then confront him with the problem. Ask him if there is any issue. Be careful though not to sound like a nag.

5. Make yourself look hot - Men as we know cannot see anything beyond looks. All those things about "I love your brains" and "I love your humour" is all humbug. If you are looking hot, you could be the dumbest woman in the world, but he will be yours.

6. If all of the above do not work, then there is the time tested treatment women have. WEEP. Cry in front of him. After all it is said that men go weak in their knees when they see their women crying. This should definitely do the trick. That's it then.

We hope you never have to face a situation to have to implement any of the above tips. But if you do, then act on these and all the best to keeping your guy to yourself....

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