The Responsibilities Of Parenting

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The Responsibilities Of Parenting
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What a wonderful thing it is to be a Parent. Wikipedia defines a parent as "a caretaker of the offspring in their own species. In humans, a parent is the mother or the father figure of a child (NOTE: "child" refers to offspring, not age)." To be a parent can be very fulfilling and demanding as well. After all it is your responsibility now to see to it that your child grows up into a fine human being with good values and behaviour. Nobody wants their children to become social misfits and have problems. Thus we all try to imbibe the best behaviour in our children and at times we try to force our way as well to achieve this objective.

So you may ask what is it that we need to do as parents so that our children learn to become responsible and fine human beings. So we thought, why not discuss the dos and don'ts with our Memsaabs? However in this series of the article we will first focus on the dos. Here is a list then:

1. Do Love your child.

2. Do Give your child respect, affection and trust.

3. Do teach your child self-esteem and self-confidence.

4. Do spend as much time with your child as possible.

5. Do listen to what your child is saying as well as what your child is not saying.

6. What we mean for the point above is that you should be cued in to what your child is not saying as well. So if you are smart enough you will find out if your teenage daughter is dating somebody or not.

7. Keep a happy and loving environment at home.

8. Teach your children about positive thinking and about being optimistic.

9. Do give your children a good education. After all it is only education that helps you get ahead.

10. Do teach your child self-confidence and self-esteem.

11. Do praise your child openly.

12. Do make a public affection of display with your children. 

13. Do talk to your child and listen to her as well.

14. Do teach your child the importance of saying NO as well.

15. Do praise your child for a good job done.

This list can be a never ending one and we solicit the support of parents all over to share with us and each other their best methods of parenting so that it helps others as well. In the next series we will talk about the don'ts of parenting. Till then happy reading and happy parenting...

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