Does Your Baby Cry Too much?

By First Posted: Jun 25, 2010 Fri 9:47 PM Updated: Jul 16, 2014 Wed 1:54 PM
Does Your Baby Cry Too much?
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As soon as a baby is born, the first lesson it learns is in the art of communication. It learns that crying is its way of communicating with its mother and the world. It cries whenever it needs something. It cries for attention, it cries for its basic needs. Crying is the only thing it can do really. As a baby learns to communicate with its mother, the mother also learns to make out its needs from its crying. Some babies cry more than others, and some cry really less. Some cry at night and some cry all day long. It can be an emotionally disturbing experience for a new mother, who is already facing post-partum depression. Do you worry about why your baby cries so much? Do you feel that your baby cries more than is normal? Read on to find out reasons why your baby may be crying...

Why Babies Cry? If your baby is crying, it can only be because it is uncomfortable or needs something. Here's a list of reasons why babies cry:

Hunger/Thirst: Crying is a means of conveying the most basic needs like hunger and thirst. A baby may cry 3-4 times at night because it requires to be fed every few hours. This is just the beginning of your sleepless nights as a mother! Try to follow a fixed feeding schedule during the day as well as the night. This will help in keeping the crying to a minimum.

Wetness: A wet/soiled diaper is the second reason why your baby cries. The wet diaper makes the baby uncomfortable and it cries out for your attention. But often babies do not cry in such a situation. So it is important to regularly check for wet diapers and change them immediately.

Gas: It is common for babies to swallow air while feeding. This causes gas bloating and abdominal pain/cramps. To avoid this problem, spend a few minutes to burp the baby after you feed it.

Colic: It is not exactly known what causes colic, but colic is one of the main reasons for little babies giving their parents sleepless nights. If the crying is too much, it is advisable to consult with your pediatrician who will suggest the right medicine to get rid of the problem.

Discomfort Due To High/Low Temperature: Babies also feel hot and cold like adults. Often parents tend to over-dress their little ones in sweaters and blankets. If you do so, your baby will cry in discomfort. Smilarly, if it is cold it will cry till you cover it in warm blankets.

Discomfort Due To Clothing: The markets are aflood with baby's clothing which is not really suitable for a little child's sensitive skin. Tight elastic bands, synthetic material and adornments that pinch can make your baby very uncomfortable. Dress your child in simple cotton clothes to give it maximum comfort.

Loneliness: Believe it or not, but your baby craves company when it is awake. It demands to be hugged, cuddled and talked to. Leaving a child alone can be risky and also makes it lonely and prone to crying.

Nappy Rash: Wet and soiled nappies left on unattended give you baby a nappy rash. It can also be caused by diarrhoea or an allergic reaction to synthetic materials. It is best to avoid diapers when at home. Use the desi "triangular chaddis" made of cotton cloth that can be washed and reused. Make sure you change the nappy as soon as it gets soiled.

Apart from these reasons, the baby's crying can be associated with its mother also. If the mother changes her diet, the baby may not like the altered taste of milk. The baby may also cry due to long period of seperaton from its mother. Experts say that an emotionally disturbed or stressed mother can transfer these feelings to her baby, which makes the baby cry! Insect bites can also be a reason why your baby cries. It is not entirely incorrect when they say that a woman is reborn when she beomes a mother. With the birth of a baby, a mother is also born. Mother and child share a special bond that cannot be equalled by any other relationship. So enjoy this special bond and don't let "crying" ruin the memories that you will cherish forever.

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