Are You Balding?

By First Posted: Jun 7, 2010 Mon 7:32 PM Updated: Jul 17, 2014 Thu 8:43 PM

Men lose hair, but that’s OK. The society accepts a balding man as normal. But a balding woman? That’s a completely different thing. Loss of hair can make you an object of unwarranted attention and ridicule. It robs you of self confidence and becomes a cause for perennial embarrassment. In short, it’s NOT OK and it’s NOT acceptable.

Why Do Women Lose Hair? Loss of hair in men is ascribed to the sex hormone testosterone. This makes the blow more endurable for them as they like to think of themselves as more “male” when they lose hair! Weird, Right? But what about women? Why do women lose hair?

Anemia: Iron deficiency in women is a common reason for hair loss.

Drop in Estrogen: Women experience hair loss whenever Estrogen levels fall in the body. So menopause, changes in contraceptive pill cycles etc result in hair loss.

Stress: Stress is not good for the body, and it’s not good for the hair either!

Thyroid Disorder: A hyperactive or hypoactive Thyroid also results in hair loss.

Medication/Surgery: Some medicines also contribute to hair loss. It may also be the result of a surgery.

Smoking: Though it has not been completely established, research points towards a correlation between smoking and hair loss in women.

Hair Treatments: Excessive chemical treatments like perming, straightening or coloring can also ruin the hair permanently, and so can a bad shampoo or other hair products.

 Tackling Hair Loss

There are many techniques to re-grow, bond or weave a new patch of hair. There are wigs, if you can’t afford such treatments. But the best strategy is to arrest the hair fall as soon as it starts. After all, what can be better than wearing your natural hair? Here are a few things you can do to arrest hair loss: • Eat a well balanced diet which gives you plenty of protein, iron and other essential nutrients. If necessary, pop some dietary supplements. • Hair Loss Supplements are also available in the market. Consult a dermatologist and as her to prescribe one for you. • Give yourself a relaxing scalp massage with warm oil at least once a week. This cleans the scalp and rejuvenates the hair follicles, allowing them to grow freely. • When you shampoo your hair, massage the scalp also in order to clean the scalp. Choose a shampoo that won’t dry the hair or the scalp. • Avoid chemical treatments and products like straightening, perming, coloring etc. These treatments will worsen the situation further. • Do not stress your hair into tight hairdos. So, no tight ponytails or tying the hair on the top of your head. Leave your hair as free as possible. • Try the hair thickening shampoos and conditioners available in the market. These products are fortified with proteins and amino acids, and may be useful in restoring your hair health.

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