Is Your Collar Green?

By First Posted: May 30, 2010 Sun 10:37 PM Updated: Jan 30, 2014 Thu 1:24 AM
Is Your Collar Green?
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We have all read and witnessed so much about the traditional blue Collar jobs and the newer white collar jobs. But blue and white collars are really passe in the professional world. The latest color in 'work' collars is none other than GREEN!

What Are Green Collared Jobs? The byproduct of our advancement and growth is Environmental Degradation. The more we progress, the worse our environment gets. We pollute, degrade and ruin the planet constantly. Our convenience is bought at the cost of Global Warming, and sadly we are all plumetting towards a very scary future. As a result of this, a new industry has spawned. This is the 'Save the Environment' or 'Go Green' industry. All the jobs that work/contribute towards saving the planet and environment are called 'Green Collared Jobs'.

Examples Of Green Collared Jobs At a very small level, you can find green collared jobs at retail stores which refuse to give free plastic bags to customers. These stores charge their customers for the plastic bags and the proceeds go to organisations working in this field. Similarly, working for public transport companies is also doing your bit for the environment as many people choose the public transport over private vehicles. At a higher level, jobs related to developing non toxic cleaning products, cleaning hazardous waste, conservation of water, development of alternative sources of fuel and power, solar energy conservation & use, recycling of waste material etc are a few examples of 'green collared' jobs.

Can You Go Green? If you are really passionate about working for the environment, there is no reason why you can't! All this requires is being confident, passionate and informed. The good news is that this industry is still in the very initial stages. So there is a lot of scope and opportunity in this field for a very long time. The other good thing is that most jobs in this industry offer the possibility of on-the-job training. So you need not worry much about being experienced.

As long as you have the right qualification and attitude, you can find good opportunities in this field. To find GREEN opportunities, start with finding out about NGOs working in this arena around you. You could also align with manyfacturing companies and energy companies to work for GREEN jobs. With a few years of experience, you might even become a specialist in this field, and be able to guide youngsters about the opportunities in this area! Good Luck.

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