How To Shine At performance Reviews

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How To Shine At performance Reviews
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It is that time of the year when all corporate workers are worrying about performance reviews, increments and promotions. The performance of last year is judged at this time and the appraisal forms a basis for for decisions related to promotions, increments, bonuses and transfers. Performance reviews are so important that they can make or ruin your career. Often an employee works hard all the year through, yet fails to get the desired rating on her appraisal. Similarly, a worker may get an excellent rating without actually deserving it. why? what are the factors that make this difference? Memsaab brings you tips that will help you in excelling at your appraisal.

How To Excel At Performance Appraisal

Review Yourself Before the performance appraisal begins, spend some time on reviewing yourself for the last year's performance. Make a list of all your professional achievements or accomplishments. Put everything on tht list, no matter how small it may seem. This list is your document to success in the appraisal. Please do not expect your boss to remember every detail of your work. Help her by supplying all the relevant facts and details on paper.

Way Forward Before you sit down with your boss for the appraisal, write down your career goals for the next year. This is an opportunity to show your ambition, seriousness and positivity. Support your goals with a proposed plan of achievement.

YOUR Expectations The performance review is not only about getting feedback for your performance. It is also an opportunity to communicate your expectations to your employers. If you feel that you need training or exposure in a particular field, now is the time to say it. You can seek better opportunities by communicating freely during the performance review.

Failure It is not entirely inconceivable that you may have made a few mistake sin the last year. The important thing is to bring up these issues yourself instead of trying to avoid them. Talk about the mistake you made and the lesson you learned from it. Discuss the strategies you are implementing to avoid such mistakes in the future.

Maturity Your boss may become overtly critical of your performance during the review. Try to keep your cool and avoid confrontations. Answer with maturity and apologize, if needed. You cannot live in the pond and fight with the croc, right?

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