Relief For Painful Heels

By First Posted: Mar 20, 2010 Sat 6:34 PM Updated: Oct 4, 2016 Tue 10:15 PM
Relief For Painful Heels
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Whenever you stand upright or walk, your feet carry the whole of your body. If you are overweight, your heels are obviously overloaded. So you walk around the whole day, doing your thing, treading on hard surfaces, jogging, running in your lousy shoes...and you suddenly feel a pain in your feet. That's a pain in your heels, to be precise. This pain in your heels will heal on its own as long as you give it some time to do so. But if you keep repeating the activities that caused the heel pain, it may get worse. In that situation, surgery may be required to fix your feet!

Causes Of Heel Pain Prolonged standing or walking may irritate the tissue that forms the arch of your feet. This is one of the biggest reasons for heel pain. Obesity means having to carry around excess baggage, and this is also a reason why your feet may hurt. If you are into sports and physical activities, then stress fractures can also be a possible reason for heel pain.

Remedies For Heel Pain Rest: Nothing can better rest when it comes to healing sore feet. Give your heels a day of rest and they are likely to heal themselves.

Stretching: Stretching exercises, especially in yogic mudras can help in alleivating the pain. It relaxes the tissue surrounding the heel bone.

Ice Pack: Applying an ice pack to the affected area helps in relieving the symptoms.

Wearing Low Heels: Ladies who wear high heeled shoes regularly often face tired and painful feet in the evening. Prolonged use can harm the feet permanently. So always wear low heeled comfortable shoes when you go out.

Medication: Anti inflammatory drugs help in providing immediate relief. If the pain persists after rest and home care, you must not delay a visit to the health provider. If you delay it much, your heel may require surgery for you to be back on your toes.

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