Will There Be Another Swayamvar On TV?

By First Posted: Mar 15, 2010 Mon 2:45 PM
Will There Be Another Swayamvar On TV?
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NDTV imagine has a clear winner on its hands: The Swayamvar! The first season with Rakhi Ka Swayamvar was such a big hit with the reality-obsessed masses that a second innings was imminent. Nobody knows how much he got paid for it, but Rahul Mahajan made the second season a roaring success with his quirky laughter and bevvy of wannabe brides.

Now the question is, will we have another season of the swayamvar? If the Women's organisations have their way, then Rahul might be the last celebrity to look for a spouse on TV. The National commission for Women (NCW) has taken a strong stance against wedding/swayamvar based reality shows. The Chairperson Girija Vyas says, "There should be strict restrictions on such marriages. All media houses must come forward for this and it should be banned."

The Commission is taking a lot of interest in this matter and has even approached the Information & Broadcasting Ministry for intervention. Girija says, "We have written to them, they have replied to us. We think legislation needs to be brought to stop all these weddings. In 15 days, we will hold another conference, in which all aspects of these things will come out for discussion."

Now you might be wondering why The NCW wants to put an end to a show that is interesting, full of gossip and masala, and is a lot of fun to watch! The issue is that the NCW feels that women are being treated as commodities on such shows. The way wannabe brides danced, sang, cooked and did a lot of other things to win Rahul's heart, has probably sparked this controversy. To make matters worse, all the 3 finalists went through the initial customs and rituals of a wedding like the mehendi, haldi, sangeet etc. To go all the way to be bedecked as a bride on the D-Day, and to have your heart broken...surely it is no less than torture. But the worst thing is that we are not even sure if these weddings are for real or are just a fake attempt to fool the public and make a lot of money for the channel and the celebrities.

But the question is, is it only women who are being treated as commodities? In Rakhi's Swayamvar, the wannabe grooms did all those things to woo her that Rahul's brides did for him. So should this be made into a sexist issue? What do you think? Please share your comments in the section below.

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