All You Wanted To Know About Liposuction

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All You Wanted To Know About Liposuction
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Liposuction is a procedure to remove unwanted depositions of body fat by suction. It is considered to be a great way to shape the body and attack specific targets of fat depositions. With the current focus on "size" and looks, Liposuction has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in India.

Are You A Good Candidate?

Liposuction is not meant for everyone. It is definitely not an alternative to a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. It is actually meant for people who have already lost weight with exercise/diet control, but are unable to fix certain areas like the tummy, thighs, butt etc. Liposuction gives best results on people who are over 18 years of age, generally healthy and have a youthful elastic skin. Age is not a criteria per se, but older patients do not have a very elastic skin. So the results are not usually that great in older patients.


Liposuction (learn more) can be performed in many ways, depending upon the surgeon and the patient. A normal way would be to insert a cannula into the desired area and suck out the fat. This "dry" method requires general anesthesia. Another way is to first inject a saline solution called the "tumescent solution" into the area before performing the suction. This is called tumescent liposuction. Ultrasound assisted liposuction is also gaining popularity these days. The ultrasound lipo is considered to be superior because it loosens the fat from adjoining organs and muscles and it also helps in breaking down the fat, making it easier to be suctioned out.

Target Areas

Liposuction gives good results on fat depositions in areas like: Tummy, Butt, Thighs, Love Handles, Male Breast, Back, Upper Arms, Chin and Inner Knees.

Risks Involved

Like any other surgery, Liposuction also comes with a package of risks involved. The things that could go wrong are:

Skin Symptoms: Depending on your general health and condition of skin, you may experience bruising, swelling and scars on the affected area. All these may go away with time and care, but often it takes months for the skin to heal completely.

Burns: If the Ultrasound liposuction is not performed properly, it may cause scars. The ultrasound probe, if too hot, can harm the patient.

Fluid Imbalance: Since a large volume of fat is sucked out of the body during liposuction, it can cause a fluid imbalance in the body. The tumescent fluid also adds to this problem, if used.

Nerve Compression & Sensation: Liposuction may also cause a change in your feeling or sensation in the affected area. It could cause a heightened sensation of pain or a complete loss of sensation (numbness) in the area.

Infections: Like any other surgery, liposuction can also result in infections from the wounds. A lot of care is required to keep the wounds clean and infection free.

Reactions: The body may suffer an allergic reaction to any of the materials or medicines used in the procedure.

Damage Organs: Since the cannula is not visible to the surgeon, it may puncture an internal organ and cause health complications.

The risks associated with liposuction also depend on the surgeon's skills and experience. A skilled surgeon will pose a minimum risk to the patient on his table. Yet, liposuction should be considered after careful thinking and discussion. The results may be quick, but the risks are real. It is always better to embark on a weight loss program aided by dieting and exercise. The results that come from a lifestyle change are holistic and lifelong.

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