7 Make Up Tools You Must Have

By First Posted: Mar 5, 2010 Fri 6:27 PM Updated: Apr 14, 2015 Tue 3:18 PM
7 Make Up Tools You Must Have
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Do you really believe that all the Bollywood Divas have a prettier face or a lovelier skin than you do? We won't take any names, but ladies, believe it or not - this is not true! The only advantage that the celebrities have in terms of beauty and looks is that they have the money to afford personal trainers, groomers and stylists. Their flawless skin and perfect hair are the result of hours of hardwork put in by make up and hair specialists. When it comes to applying make up, it is not only about blending colors and creams into your skin. What matters more, is HOW you apply your make up. So Memsaab has compiled a list of essential make up tools that every beauty conscious woman MUST have in her make up kit.

7 Essential Make Up Tools

Wedge Sponges: You must have a few high quality firm wedge sponges to apply foundation and smoothen creams into your skin. The angular shaped ones are the best as they give you small as well as large surface areas to work with. Do not use these sponges to move your liquid foundation around on the face. Use them only in press and pat motions to get the desired effect.

Concealer Brush: A concealer is a necessity when you have blemishes and scars to hide. Who doesn't? The best way to apply a concealer (liquid or powder) is to use a concealer brush. The oval tip is designed to cover blemishes easily and deftly.

Cotton Swabs: Cotton swabs are very handy when it comes to fixing make up glitches. If you have accidently made a black mark under your eye with mascara, just dab a cotton swab with your toner and fix the nasty marks away. As simple as that!

Eye Lash Curler: This is a relatively new tool in the market. It prepares your lashes for application of the mascara. It gives a nice curl to the lashes and gives an eye opening effect that enhances even the smallest of eyes.

Eyebrow Brush & Lash Comb: This is a dual tool that has an eye brow brush on one side and a lash comb on the other side. It is very useful in taming eyebrows and shaping them for the day. Gel may be used if the brows are exceptionally wild. The lash comb is an absolute must-have if you wear mascara. The lash comb helps in breaking the clumps of mascara that are usually formed due to excess mascara.

Lip Brush: You will never catch a professional applying lip color without a lip brush. That's how important this tool is! It aids in giving definition and shape to you lips and applying lipstick with a lip brush helps in keeping it on for a longer duration. Buy a retractable lip brush so that it remains clean and germ free.

Powder Puff: Experts vouch for the importance of this tool. It is used to apply loose as well as pressed powder. If used properly, it can fix almost all make up blunders. It can soften and lighten excess eye make up. It cleans up the area under your eyes where excess eye make up usually lands. It can really provide a flawless finish, without the use of foundation!

If you feel that you may not use all of these tools, start with the ones that you will feel comfortable using every day. As your confidence builds up, you may add more and do a little experimentation as well! Look Good, Feel Good!

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