Is Salman Responsible For Veer Debacle?

By First Posted: Feb 11, 2010 Thu 2:46 PM Updated: Feb 11, 2010 Thu 2:48 PM
Is Salman Responsible For Veer Debacle?
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Salman Khan may not be famous for his emoting skills, but no one can deny that he is a man of his word. People love and respect Salman so much that "has a heart of gold" is the most often used phrase when Salman is being talked about. He is well known for his integrity and helpful nature.

True to his reputation, Salman has once again proved that he is a man of his word. Before the release of his most ambitious film Veer, Salman Khan had announced that he would take complete responsibility if the film failed. Not only did Salman pen the script of the film himself, he also worked a lot on his look and other things in the film. Doubts were raised about the film's viability due to the genre of "period drama" that the story was in. But Salman Khan believed in his story and went all the way out trying to make the film a success.

But after a good opening, the film fell down to become a complete dud at the box office. Not only did critics run down the film completely, the audience also rejected Salman's period drama of a warrior prince. True to his word, Salman Khan has taken full responsibility for the debacle and is also trying to help the producer in recovering his losses. Producer Vijay Galani went through a lot of trouble in releasing the film. He had to deal with altercations between his writer-actor Salman and the director Anil Shyam. He faced a lot of difficulties in keeping his film within the budget, considering the large scale of production and setting. But ultimately producer Galani ended up with a flop film and incurred big losses.

So Salman Khan has given his agreement to working on another film with Vijay Galani, at a reduced fee. He has not only reduced his fee for the next film but has also promised to help in every possible way for the film to be a roaring success. Though a script or director or cast has yet not been finalised, it would be interesting to see what this producer-wriet/actor duo comes up with next. After the period drama, will it be an out and out comedy for Salman, or will it be a romantic love story? We'll all find out pretty soon!

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