Things That Irritate Job Interviewers

By First Posted: Feb 4, 2010 Thu 5:24 PM Updated: Feb 17, 2014 Mon 9:07 PM
Things That Irritate Job Interviewers
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We have often read and talked about things "to do" at job interviews. But here are a few things "never to do" when you appear for an interview. This is a list of pet peeves of recruiters and interviewers. Doing one or more of these things may decide the result of your interview, against you. So go through this list and try to assess if you have been doing any of these things:

Things "NOT To Do" At Job Interviews

Shabby Treatment Of Staff: You will be surprised to know that your evaluation starts before you sit down for your meeting with the interviewers. Many Top Executives confess that they often ask their assistants and receptionists for advice related to recruitments. The idea is to evaluate how a prospective employee treats junior level staff. So if you treat the assistant or the receptionist with disdain, condescension or plain disrespect, you may be in for a rude shock yourself.

Long Answers: Please remember that the interviewer has a lot many things to do after wrapping up the interview. So avoid the murky details about your personal and professional life. Keep your answers short, concise and focussed. Avoid going off tangents when you answer the questions. 

Behavior Towards Other Candidates: Though confidence is appreciated, interviewers do not appreciate arrogance. So any behavior that shows arrogance and haughtiness is unwelcome. The interviewers try to gauge your work behavior and interactions from the way you behave with all the people you meet when you appear for the interview. Complex?

Problem Solving: As a manager, you may be expected to solve many problems, but as a potential employee: perhaps not. Recruiters find it very irritating when a candidate declares his knowledge and wisdom about the company's problems. So avoid telling the interviewer that you know what is wrong with his/her company. Don't make the folly of assuming that you know it better than them!

Shabby Appearance: This one is a no brainer. Look your clean, smart and formal best to improve your chances at job interviews.

Bitching Game: Often you will be asked the reason why you wish to leave your current job. If you start bitching about your boss or your current company, you immediately ruin your chances of clinching the job. If you bitch about your present employer today, you will be bitching about your future employers tomorrow, Right? They don't like the idea. Now the economy is in a state of recovery, jobs seem to be aplenty once again. So if you are looking at a job/career change, please take care of these things when you appear for interviews. Good Luck!

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