Pack Light, Pack Right!

By First Posted: Jan 24, 2010 Sun 8:17 PM Updated: Jan 24, 2010 Sun 8:19 PM
Pack Light, Pack Right!
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Trish has a high flying job that takes her all over the globe. Though Trish travels very often, she feels that she needs to learn the art of packing right. She has heard everyone say that traveling light is the way to go and she does promise herself frequently to pack light for the "next" trip. But Trish just cannot limit the stuff she carries wherever she travels.

Most women are like Trish. There are so many things we absolutely MUST have access to, no matter where we are. And we HAVE to be prepared for any contingencies because that is an inherent trait in women. So obviously a lot of stuff goes into our bags when we travel. But honestly, how often do we use EVERYTHING we carry on a trip? Most of the time, we wear only a few of the clothes and other stuff we carry. So is it really worth it to tote heavy bags and suitcases every where you go?

How To Pack Light?

Size & Weight: Set a limit on the size and weight of your baggage. It is not recommendable for 1 person to carry more than 1 pieces of luggage, so we won't talk about numbers at all. While choosing your bag, look for a size that can easily fit into spaces where you will have to shove them. For instance, under the seat of a bus or train, overhead compartment of a plane etc. Try to stick to the weight of less than 10 kilos. You will find yourself carrying your bag more often than you think. So keep the weight to a level that you can handle easily.

No Worst Case Scenario: Don't pack for the "worst case scenario" or else you would end up packing a mountain. Don't pack things that you MAY need. In fact, pack for the best possible scenario and leave out everything that you will probably not need. If worst case scenario occurs, you can always buy a few things.

Clothes To Pack: Make sure to pack dark colored clothes so that they don't become dirty very soon. Choose wrinkle free and "quick to dry" clothes so that you can wash and wear again and again without having to iron. Pack a soap with a few items of clothing instead of packing one dress for every day of your travel.

Cultural Sensibilities: It is always good to blend in wherever you go. So if you are traveling abroad, perhaps you should pack Western clothes and leave behind your salwaar kameez and saris. Apart from that, try to not pack very skimpy clothes as even Western cultures prefer to limit skimpy to beaches. Pack clothes that are comfortable and smart.

Electronics: Travelers today have so many cool gadgets to make travel less boring. So you may carry a digital camera, MP3 player, camcorder, cell phone and probably a gaming console! So figure in space for all this stuff when you pack clothes. Also, it is advisable to carry a multi-plug so that you can charge all your electronic gear easily. Sometimes this may be a problem in hotel rooms or trains etc.

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