Caring For The Father To Be

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Caring For The Father To Be
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Now that's a new one, you might think. Pregnancy and parenting has always been viewed from a mother's point of view. right from the moment a child is conceived, a special bond is formed between the expectant mother and her unborn child. right from that moment, it is all about the pregnant woman and her child! Most fathers feel left out and ignored in the whole process of procreation, except for the beginning perhaps!

Fears Of Expectant fathers

Most women are so preoccupied with their own physical and mental discomfort that they tend to overlook the insecurities of their partners. In case you are clueless about what your partner is experiencing, here is a peep into his mind...

Loss of Intimacy: One of the biggest fears that men have is the loss of sexual intimacy. Though experts insist that sexual activity is completely normal throughout the pregnancy, many couples avoid it. Men also fear that their sex lives will be finished after the baby comes.

Anxiety for Your Health: Men are more anxious and worrisome about your and the baby's health than you may think. They feel protective and are under a constant fear that something may go wrong.

Mood Swings: The moods of expectant fathers also go through highs and lows though the pregnancy. what's more, many men also experience the sympathy symptoms like morning sickness!

Exclusion: Though a man has the same right to a child that the woman does, he does not experience the joys of parenthood in the same way. Men feel left out because they cannot experience the pregnancy or breastfeeding first hand. All these fears seem to be real and many men may not even recognize their feelings or mood swings.

How Can You Help?

Here are a few things that you can do to bring your man a little closer during this joyful journey...

Involvement: Seek his support and involvement in every possible way. So have him accompany you to the doctor's clinic every time you go for an examination. Encourage him to make contact with the baby through touch and voice.

Work as a Team: Encourage him to cultivate all the healthy habits that you have to. So he should avoid smoking and drinking, besides eating well and at proper times.

Read Up: Try to educate both of you on what to expect during the pregnancy. Read about pregnancy related stuff as well as parenting stuff.

Be Vocal: Ask him to frankly share his feelings and fears with you. try to put his insecurities to rest. Encourage closeness and make sure he feels like a part of the whole thing.

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