Is It More Expensive To Be A Woman?

By First Posted: Jan 12, 2010 Tue 3:27 PM Updated: Mar 10, 2020 Tue 7:42 AM
Is It More Expensive To Be A Woman?
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Rajeev and Nisha have been married for five months. They are both young and in relatively new jobs. when they got married, they decided to save as much money as possible, every month. So they made up a monthly budget and earmarked Rs 2000 each as personal spending money. Now a couple of months down the line, Nisha is very upset that her "personal expense" money does not last her beyond 3 weeks while Rajeev seems to be hoarding his, week after week. Do women really spend more money to maintain the same lifestyle as their male counterparts? If yes, then why?

Does It Cost More To Be A Woman? Apparently, it does! Not only do we need a lot more products than men, we also pay more for our products! Here are a few examples:

Sanitary Products: This is the most obvious one. Men don't need it, but we do. What's more, it COSTS!

Soaps & Shampoos: Go to your supermarket today and do a little survey. All the products that are targetted at women, are costlier than the male/neutral ones. Why?

Creams & Lotions: Do you see any advertisements selling under eye creams or anti-wrinkle creams to men? All these new age, age defying products are being sold only to women, and nobody really knows if they work!

Personal Grooming: Men are so lucky that they don't need to get rid of the body/facial hair like we do. Not only does it pain to wax your body, it also COSTS. We wax, we thread, we pluck, we bleach...we do a lot of things to look pretty and all these things cost money. Even women's razors and shaving creams are more expensive than men's!

Salon Treatments: Getting a haircut? You do know that you will be paying more than your husband/partner even if you go to the same salon, Right?

Clothes: Women are under an intense pressure to maintain a wide array of clothes in their wardrobe. But men can repeat their trousers in the same week and nobody would notice! Is that fair?

Not only do we buy more clothes, we also pay more for them. Now combine the the "women pay more" fact with the fact that "women make less", and you see where this leaves us? It is a known fact that men are paid more than their female counterparts performing the same job. Men have better chances of being promoted and are seen as being more valuable to an organisation. The situation is even worse for women who are married and have children. In this scenario, is it really fair that women are made to pay higher amounts of money for everything?

Why The producers and sellers know that where it comes to buying decisions, women hold the ower in a household. Also, men would never pay a high price for a personal grooming product. These are two reasons why women have to pay more.

How To Beat It? When you do your shopping, be a little smart about it. Are you really getting something extra for the extra money you are paying? If your cream is chemically the same as a men's cream, but comes in a pink bottle and is more fragrant, you have a choice to make. You can either go for the trimmings on the product and pay more, or you can buy like a man!

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