First 5 Things Men Notice About You...

By First Posted: Dec 30, 2009 Wed 3:09 PM Updated: Dec 30, 2009 Wed 3:16 PM

The first date or the first meeting is probably the most important one in a relationship. It is the first meeting that decides whether a person is worth pursuing or not. You evaluate a potential partner in the first meeting, and are also evaluated by him in that very meeting. This is why many a times two people meet for a date, but don't follow it up with a second meeting.

So what is it that decides whether a guy will want to meet you again? What are things that men will notice about you within seconds of meeting you?

First 5 Things Men Notice About You

A positive personality, friendly attitude, sense of humor, good looks, compatibility etc are all important when it comes to the success of a relationship. But what decides whether there will be any relationship is the first impression you create on each other. So we did a survey asking men to list the first 5 things they notice about women. We got varied and interesting answers. But these are the Top 5 choices:

Curves: We all know it in our hearts. Cleavage and rear ends are the first things that men notice about a woman. Depending on how badly you wish to ensnare or repel a guy, show or cover those curves. An important thing here is that men do not appreciate women who put it all on display. "Show some and hide some" is how men like it. They want their women to be alluring and sexy without looking cheap and vulgar.

Eyes: After they are done with an evaluation of your curves, men move up to your eyes. They like it when a woman's eyes light up while talking to them. Big beautiful eyes get all the warm appreciation they deserve. Use eye contact to show a man that you are interested. If you are not interested, avoid meeting his eye too much as he speaks.

Smile: The other facial feature that commands attention is your smiling mouth. A smile is not only endearing but also reveals a lot about you. It tells him whether you are genuinely interested in him or are just faking it. Men love women who smile a lot. It shows that you are a happy person and also enjoy his company. So keep flashing that smile if you'd like to see him again!

Hair: He won't notice if you have split ends or if you are troubled hy hair fall. All a guy wants to see is shiny hair that has been done up in a stylish hairdo. Basically, it is all about looking good. Your hair should be clean, shiny, soft, fragrant and stylish. Now that's not too much to ask!

Fragrance: Yes, they like women who smell sweet and fresh. It doesn't matter if he reeks of sweat himself! A guy will not settle for a woman who stinks. In fact, fragrance plays a huge part in your evaluation as a potential partner. So don't forget deodorant or perfume next time you are dating someone special.

These are the Top 5 answers we got in our survey regarding things men first notice about women. Other replies we got included hands & nails, legs, clothes, bag, shoes, voice, skin and make up. So basically men notice everything about your appearance, but the ones listed above are the first 5 things they notice about you!

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