Vivek Will Not Say Sorry Anymore!

By First Posted: Nov 23, 2009 Mon 2:40 PM Updated: Nov 23, 2009 Mon 2:42 PM
Vivek Will Not Say Sorry Anymore!
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Do you remember the big fight between Vivek Oberoi and Salman Khan, that took place years ago? Evidently, the memory of the fight is still fresh in many minds. Salman has definitely not forgotten the public humiliation that he was put through. So he seems to be in no mood to forgive or forget, even years after the incident. Vivek, on his part, has tried a lot to put the whole thing behind. He has publicly apologized to Salman Khan a couple of times. But this is one incident that just cannot be “put behind”!

In case you have forgotten the story, the incident dates back to the time when Aishwarya Rai had broken up with Salman Khan, and had begun going out with Vivek Oberoi. In a rush of drunken jealousy, Salman Khan began calling and threatening Vivek on a particular night. Reportedly, he made over 40 calls to the young actor, threatening him with dire circumstances if he continued to see Ash. Vivek, who was a youngster in love, called a press conference next morning and shared all the information with the media. The controversy raged on for a few days and Salman was humiliated in the media.

Since then, Salman has treated Vivek with disdain and has refused to patch up, in spite of repeated attempts.

But now, Vivek has said in an interview that he will not apologize to Salman anymore. On a TV chat show On The Couch With Koel, Vivek laughed off all the controversies that he was involved in, showing a mature side of himself. He has obviously come a long way from the brash days of youth, when he took a “panga” with the hunk of Bollywood. Vivek has often claimed that Salman Khan ruined his filmi career by forcing people to take sides, and not work with Vivek.

Though we don’t really know how true that may be, we do find it appalling that Vivek has been doing all the apologizing all these years, when it was Salman who had actually made the mistake. Salman seems to have conveniently forgotten that he did make over 40 threatening calls in 1 night, to the new boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend. Shouldn’t he be the one doing a little of the apologizing? Strange are the ways of Bollywood! If you are popular, you can get away with anything! Enough said…we wouldn’t want to risk the ire of a certain Mr. Khan!

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