Tips For Brides To Be…(2)

By First Posted: Nov 12, 2009 Thu 5:47 PM Updated: Nov 12, 2009 Thu 5:48 PM
Tips For Brides To Be…(2)
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Weddings are a big affair, especially in our country. People save all their lives only to spend it all on the weddings of their children. As the purchasing power of Indians is rising, so is the demand for extravagant weddings. From glitter of gold to the expensive farmhouse weddings, everything revolves around money. It is a little difficult to digest, but Delhi alone hosts more than 20,000 weddings on a single day at least 3-5 times every year during the wedding season. You can imagine the kind of money that wedding planners, beauticians, wedding halls etc make in the “season”.

On the other side, if you plan to get married during the wedding season, or if your wedding date falls on one of the few auspicious dates that thousands of couples have chosen in your city, be prepared to pay a bomb for everything! Unless, you prepare well in advance. If you have not hired a wedding planner yet, please go through these tips and you may not need to hire one at all:

The Date: Please consider your wedding date properly. How important is it to tie the knot on the most auspicious date of the season? You will pay for it in more ways than one, so reconsider the wedding date. Getting married during the lean season can often get you discounts for everything!

Shopping: Most stores start their discount sales around August, during the Ganpati festival. These sales last till Dec-Jan. So this is the time during which you may shop for your trousseau, no matter when you are getting married. Since shopping for a wedding invariably runs into lakhs, every opportunity to save is welcome.

Skin/Hair Treatments: If you have a chronic skin ailment like acne, or scars or falling hair, give yourself 2-3 months to get rid of the problem. You definitely want to look your best when you get married. So give yourself time to achieve that instead of jumping into the marriage.

Advance Bookings: Select the venue of your wedding and other ceremonies well in advance. Booking the venue 3-4 months in advance always gets you attractive discounts. It is also advisable to book the caterers for all the functions well in advance.

Beautician: You should select your beautician also well in advance. It is important to regularly visit your beautician for treatments, starting at least 3 months prior to the wedding. This gives her/him enough time to get to know your skin, hair and preferences.

The Traditional Act: Even if you are a “jeans and tee shirt” kind of girl, you would probably like to dress up after your marriage. At least for the first few weeks, you may want to wear saris, jewelry and make up when you go out. But do you know how to? If not, learn how to wear a sari and practice walking around in one. Throw in some heavy duty jewelry and high heels for effect!

Parents Vs. In Laws: Wedding preparations (and wedding themselves) often become a battle ground for the two families involved. All the major decisions can become major bones of contention, if matters are allowed to get out of hand. So it is advisable to sort everything out with your fiancée in detail. Whenever you see an argument approaching, try to be fair and impartial while making the decisions. Most importantly, don’t let both your families fight over petty issues by taking important decisions yourself.

Memories: Mishaps with the wedding pictures and videos are quite common. So hire a photographer/video recorder for your side of the family and encourage your fiancée to hire one for his side of the family. This duplication gets you the best results and nobody feels left out in the pictures!

The most important thing is to plan everything well in advance so that you can approach the D-Day without any stress of tension. Be cool, be happy and look gorgeous!

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