Sherlyn Chopra Thrown Out!

By First Posted: Oct 31, 2009 Sat 11:10 AM Updated: Oct 31, 2009 Sat 11:11 AM
Sherlyn Chopra Thrown Out!
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Sherlyn Chopra has finally been evicted from the Bigg Boss house. The sexy item girl has already set a record with her straight 4 nominations this season. The housemates have continuosly nominated Sherlyn right from the first week, citing various flimsy reasons. But her faith in God kept her going and probably saved her from eviction every week. However, she was unable to stand up against Vindu Dara Singh, son of India’s most famous wrestler Dara Singh.

It was not very surprising that all the ladies in the Bigg Boss house nominated Sherlyn Chopra during the first nominations. Petty jealousy and feminine animosity could have been the reason. After all, Sherlyn did look much better than most of them undoubtedly. In the second week, she probably got nominated due to her friendship with Kamal Khan & Vindu. This is when Sherlyn realised that she had joined the smaller group which was destined to be thrown out sooner than later. So our sexy lass decided to switch groups and wept buckets of tears in front of the leader Poonam Dhillon.

Unfortunately for Sherlyn, her efforts to gel with the stronger group came across as fake and selfish. She could not bond well with anyone in the house except Poonam. As a result, Sherlyn got nominated again in the third week, and yet again in the fourth. One cannot get lucky every week and the law of averages has to catch up sometime! So finally Sherlyn was evicted yesterday.

It was interesting to hear the reasons that inmates gave for nominating Sherlyn every week. They made it sound as if she became an easy target and just got unlucky as she was made a scapegoat. Conveniently everyone forgot about all the bitching they did whenever Sherlyn was talked about! It is really difficult to understand what Sherlyn has been thinking all this while. Why did she switch groups? Was it a genuine liking for one and dislike for the other? Or was it a well thought about decision?

Like all evicted housemates, Shelryn also got a hand grenade which could be thrown at any housemate. She chose Vindu for the cleaning house for one week task. This angered Vindu a lot and he wound up publicly abusing her. Bad manners Vindu! Though we understand that this came like a stab in the back for you, we expect you to show some decency in the house.

Sherlyn Chopra will probably not be missed by anyone in the house or outside it. Her existence in the house was barely noticeable. She did not do much to generate TRPs for the channel or entertain the audience. So it seems unlikely that she will return as a wild card contestant in the show. What do you think? Would you like to see Sherlyn Chopra back in Bigg Boss 3?

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