Staying At A Bed And Breakfast

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Staying At A Bed And Breakfast
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A vacation spent at a Bed & Breakfast is like a customized hotel stay. You get all the exciting fun of staying at a hotel, and more. Bed & Breakfast is an option available to travelers where they rent a room in a private home and spend their vacation living with the family and other vacationers. This is usually a very economical option as compared to hotel stay.

If you have never stayed at a Bed & Breakfast inn, you have missed out on a unique and interesting experience. Here are a few advantages of staying at a Bed & Breakfast:

• When you stay with a local family in their house, you get to experience their culture firsthand. This is precisely why the government is now promoting Bed & Breakfast concept for international tourists in India.

• The local people you stay with can offer you insight into the place’s attractions and give you other valuable information. From restaurants to shopping to discounts, you have a travel information helpdesk at your disposal!

• A good host will make you feel at home with comfortable and personalized service. Since most such inns are small sized, there is a family atmosphere instead of the businesslike attitude at hotels.

• As the name suggests, your room comes with the first meal of the day. Most inns make it a lavish meal and offer wide variety. What sets these inns apart is that you can even order your own breakfast instead of choosing from a buffet.

• Staying at a Bed & Breakfast inn is much more economical than staying at a pricey hotel. The service gets better and more personalized in this smaller version of hotels, but the costs decline! What more could you ask for?

However there are a few things you need to discuss before booking a Bed & Breakfast inn for your vacation. When making a booking, please talk to the owners on phone instead of booking online. When you speak to them, clarify about the following:

• Size of the room.
• Is the bathroom attached with every room or is it shared?
• Checking in/checking out timings.
• Room service/food options besides the breakfast.

Once you get these things sorted out, you are sure to enjoy your stay at the Bed & Breakfast. Happy Vacationing!!!

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