Don’t Laugh At Rakhi’s Mom!

By First Posted: Oct 9, 2009 Fri 4:03 PM
Don’t Laugh At Rakhi’s Mom!
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Rakhi Sawant may not be on the best of terms with her mother, but her loyalty is as strong as ever. Jaya Sawant, lovingly called “mummy ji” or “aunty ji” in the Bigg Boss house is having a hard time staying there.

Jaya Sawant is not a celebrity and does not know how to handle the limelight or face the cameras. The shy and reticent lady has suddenly been shoved in front of multiple cameras, with the whole country watching every minute of her day. She had difficulty in interacting and socializing with her co-participants initially. That is probably why she got nominated in the very first week, by almost everyone. If the nomination wasn’t bad enough, she is also the butt of many jokes in the house. From TV actress Tanaz Currim to funny man Raju Srivastav, everyone seems to be enjoying a laugh at her expense.

What does our beloved Rakhi Sawant have to say about this. Rakhi isn’t happy! “If I get even one chance to go in the Bigg Boss house, main sabki dhajiyaan uda doongi. My mother is a very simple woman. When Mr Bachchan invited her on stage, she wouldn't have known what to do. She had never gone on a stage before. So all contestants should respect her for what she is. She likes to sing and dance a lot because before marriage she wanted to become an actress. But she couldn't pursue her dreams because it was a taboo in our family. People should not laugh at her.”

Rakhi is not on talking terms with her mother. But don’t let that fool you. She’s watching her mom on Bigg Boss every day. She knows what’s going on in the house. In an interview, Rakhi singled out Tanaz and said that the actress need not laugh at her mom. In her typical rocking style, Rakhi said, “My mom is not a celebrity. But she is a celebrity’s mom”.

It seems that the channel would have loved to create an emotional family reunion whenever Jaya Sawant got evicted. But sadly, Rakhi is busy with her Pati, Patni aur Who show with fiancée Elesh Purjunwala. Will she be able to appear on the Bigg Boss show on eviction day?

What do you think about todays’ eviction? Will Jaya Sawant be able to survive the first eviction? Will Sherlyn Chopra be evicted today, or will it be Kamal Rashid Khan? Who do you want to see evicted today? Please use the comments section to share your views.

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