Making Fast Food Healthy!

By First Posted: Sep 10, 2009 Thu 5:25 PM Updated: Sep 10, 2009 Thu 5:27 PM
Making Fast Food Healthy!
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Can’t get rid of that craving for junk food? Do you find it difficult to give up your burgers, fries and cold drinks? If you try a little adjustment, you probably won’t have to! Surprised? Don’t be. Here’s a little information that can help you transform your fast (read delicious and unhealthy) food into healthy and tasty food. Read on to find out how…

Healthy Burgers

Burgers can be made healthy if you use the right ingredients and the right cooking style. Try to find a bakery that will sell you whole-wheat burger buns. Coming to the burger patty, you could try substituting your potato patty with a vegetable and soy patty. Chicken patties are fine if you are non vegetarian. To make a healthy burger, try to grill the patties instead of deep frying them.


Pizzas can be really healthy if you make them at home. That gives you a lot of control over what goes into your pizza. Use grilled chicken/fresh veggies to top your pizza. If possible, get low fat and low carb cheese for your pizza. A really thin crust also helps in reducing the carb content of your pizza.


French fries are no good nutritionally, but if you’ve just got to have them here’s something you can do. Try making thicker fries instead of thin ones. Thick fries soak lesser oil during frying so are less unhealthy.


Make your sandwich healthier but reducing the butter content. If you like paneer in your sandwich, try tofu instead. Use low fat and low carb cheese.

Portion Size

When concerned about eating unhealthy junk food, you can immediately cut the unhealthy quotient by half! All you need to do is cut the portion size by half and substitute with a healthy salad or soup.

S & S

Soups and salads can also be unhealthy if you are not careful. Clear soups are much healthier than creamy ones as the carb content is reduced greatly. Also, homemade soups are better than packaged ones. Salads are healthy for you as long as you are careful about the dressing. As far as possible, avoid salad dressings in restaurants. At home, make a simple lime juice and salt dressing.

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