5 Easy Tips To Battle The Bulge

By First Posted: Aug 22, 2009 Sat 5:18 PM Updated: Aug 22, 2009 Sat 5:20 PM
5 Easy Tips To Battle The Bulge
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Research says that as soon as women enter their thirties, we start to add on a kilo to our weight every year. This is for women who lead a moderately healthy lifestyle. Just imagine what age could do to you if you sit around munching snacks and barely moving your fat ass!

If you are a woman in your thirties, you know well enough what I am trying to say here. Though “middle age” does not exactly begin in the thirties, the battle with a “bulging middle” does. Most women fight flab for the rest of their lives after the age of thirty. Are there any easy ways to do it? Do you really have to slog it out for 5 hours a week at the gym? Do you really have to shun sugar, carbs and everything else worth eating, in order to look good? Maybe not!

Battle The Bulge

Memsaab brings you 5 easy tips that will help you remain fit and healthy, without having to take extreme or drastic steps for weight loss. But these tips work only if you adopt them as a lifestyle choice. These are not “fix-it” rules. These are general guidelines that will remove the need to “fix” by making you life healthier. If you are looking for a quick-fix solution, these are not for you.

1. Diet & Cheat: High protein, low carb diets are great for maintaining an ideal body weight. But do they always work? No. Your body adapts itself to this diet and you stop losing weight after some time. So to increase the effectiveness of you diet, always have a few “cheat” days in a diet week. Trick your body into never perceiving a famine situation. This also makes it easier for you to stay on the diet for longer periods of time.

2. Portion Sizes: If you feel that you have tried everything, unsuccessfully, you should try cutting your portion sizes. The rule is to increase your number of meals per day, but reduce the amount of food consumed per meal. 6-8 light meals a day is considered good for weight-loss.

3. Breakfast Like A Queen: Breaking the night long fast with a nutritious well balanced meal is very important. The first meal of your day kickstarts the metabolism and keeps you energized throughout the day. Eating a healthy breakfast also makes sure that you won’t be snacking away on unhealthy stuff later in the day.

4. Soup It: Try to include a clear soup in at least 2 meals of your day. Soups are nourishing, tasty and filling. Having soup for lunch/dinner ensures that you consume fewer carbs and get a good portion of vegetables/animal protein in your diet. It also keeps you full for longer.

5. Light Exercise: Gymming can be a lifestyle choice only for people who have high levels of motivation. If this doesn’t sound like you, please make a different choice. You need exercise, but only you can decide the form of exercise. Choose something that you are likely to stick with for the rest of your life. It could be swimming, jogging, walking, yoga, sports or anything else. Make a choice, and stick with it. Don’t forget to include meditation for at least 10 minutes everyday, to take care of stress, tension, mental fatigue and depression.

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