Rakhi, Elesh Aur Woh!

By First Posted: Aug 12, 2009 Wed 7:40 PM Updated: Aug 12, 2009 Wed 7:41 PM
Rakhi, Elesh Aur Woh!
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The Reality Queen of Indian Telivision is all set to be back!

NDTV Imagine has struck a pot of gold with Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, and the channel wallas are too smart to let go of this “sone eke ande dene wali murgi”. So the channel has announced a new reality show called “Pati, Patni Aur Woh”. PPAW is the desi version of a popular international show called Baby Borrowers.

The show will feature 5 celebrity couples, who will be groomed for parenting while you watch. The couples will spend a month in a closed environment, surrounded by cameras. You will watch them changing nappies and placating wailing children. You will watch them handling infants and toddlers. You will even watch them coping with temper tantrums and moodiness of teenagers! Yes, the show will cover 5 stages of parenting.

Pregnancy stage will have the ladies wearing fake bellies and attending prenatal classes.
Infant stage will have the couples spending sleepless nights, feeding and changing diapers of infants.
Toddler stage will show the couples trying to handle temper tantrums of their growing kids.
Teenager stage, as you have guessed, will have the couples trying to discipline their children without making enemies out of them.

But all this will not take 15 or so years, like it does for real parents. Our celebrity couples will sail through all these stages in the matter of a few weeks! The show will have over 20 episodes in all, but there will be no eliminations. This is not a win-lose show. The concept is just about grooming the couples for real life parenthood. The couples will be expected to juggle their parenthood along with other real life tasks like entertaining guests, picnics, having the in laws over, going to parties, homework etc.

So who else will be there on the show?

Apart from Rakhi-Elesh, you will see Juhi Parmar-Sachin Shroff, Shilpa Saklani-Apoorva Agnihotri, Mouni Roy-Gaurav Chopraa and Debina Bonnerjee-Gurmeet Chaudhary.

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