Meet Kat, The Pro!

By First Posted: Aug 10, 2009 Mon 6:58 PM Updated: Aug 10, 2009 Mon 7:12 PM
Meet Kat, The Pro!
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Katrina Kaif is a thorough professional and she has proved it once again.

Kat has signed a Yash Raj banner film opposite Shahrukh Khan. Knowing the very public enmity between the two Khans, Salman & Shahrukh, this could have been a difficult decision for Kat. Rumors have it the Salman guides (read controls) Kat’s career decisions, but probably he could not guide her on this one.

This project was being talked about almost a year ago, but no formal announcements were made. The reason is pretty obvious. It wasn’t sure whether Katrina would work with her beau’s arch rival or not. But Madame Kaif has proved that when it comes to her career, she is a complete professional, and won’t allow personal relationships to dictate her professional decisions.

Another angle to this announcement is that probably Salman and Shahrukh have already made up or may do so. It is quite evident that they want to. Salman recently surprised everyone when he said on his show Dus Ka Dum that his favorite actor was Shahrukh Khan. SRK, on the other had has also shown a softening attitude towards Salman. So if they have not already forgotten their differences, they might do so really soon.

The film in question will be directed by Kabir Khan or Aditya Chopra himself. Kabir Khan is the guy who directed New York. Not that he did a bad job, but SRK-YRF films work best when Adi himself directs the project. The film is expected to go on floors early next year. Meanwhile, SRK has the big release lined up for later this year: My Name Is Khan.

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