Shilpa’s Idea Of “Timeless Beauty”

By First Posted: Jul 31, 2009 Fri 5:34 PM Updated: Jul 31, 2009 Fri 5:35 PM
Shilpa’s Idea Of “Timeless Beauty”
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When you think of the phrase “Timeless Beauty”, do you conjecture up an image of a Bollywood beauty? For most people this image is the most beautiful woman of Bollywood Rekha. Rekha never seems to grow old; she only seems to grow more and more beautiful. Her charm and grace have made her synonymous with ethereal and timeless beauty.

This is exactly why Shilpa Shetty chose Rekha to open her Spa in Mumbai. Yes dearies, Madam Shetty has indeed opened up a spa in partnership with entrepreneur Kiran Bawa, well-known in beauty and wellness industry. She is calling it a Medispa and has named it IOSIS. Incidentally, IOSIS is the first spa of its kind in Mumbai’s Khar area. Shilpa feels that a spa is a place for people to come, rejuvenate and rediscover themselves. Obviously, only the rich ones!

Here’s what Shilpa had to say about choosing Rekha to do the honors, “I had to think of who was going to do the grand launch and couldn’t come up with a better name than the diva herself - someone who is synonymous with timeless beauty and wellness. So I approached (the one and only) Rekhaji.” Shilpa further adds on her blog,, “I’ve always looked up to her as an actor, role model for constant reinvention. We share a very special bond and have always been in touch with each other. I think it`s the South Indian connection. When I asked her to grace the occasion, she agreed and I was ecstatic.”

How can the opening of a Spa be complete without a few lovelies gracing the occasion? So ex Miss Universe Sushmita Sen was seen at the grand opening hobnobbing with Shilpa’s mom, Rekha and other guests. Ekta Kapoor, Farah Khan, Pooja Batra, Rohit Roy and Shamita Shetty are a few of the other people who attended the launch party.

Incidentally, Shilpa’s beau (fiancée?) Raj Kundra was not seen at the location. Considering that they are also business partners, one would have expected Raj to attend. Perhaps the whole affair was too “girly” for Raj?

The medispa IOSIS is located in Khar. Shilpa’s medispa is a combination of four- styling, spa, salon and skin treatments. So if you have a few hours to spare, and some cash too, maybe you can just drop in at Shilpa’s medispa for a neat relaxing massage or facials. What better way to spend time and money?

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