Cool Vacation Ideas For Hot Summers (Part II)

By First Posted: May 13, 2009 Wed 6:00 PM
Cool Vacation Ideas For Hot Summers (Part II)
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So you have decided on your summer vacation destination! Is it Shimla or is it Mount Abu? No matter where in India you are headed for your summer retreat, there are a few travel and vacation tips that will come handy. After all, you are going for a family holiday and would not want anything to ruin it, right?

Tips For A Safe & Enjoyable Summer Vacation

Sun Protection: You are going to a hill station (probably) to beat the heat. But who knows what the Sun God plans! So pack sun protection for everyone in your family. Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and scarves are must haves for any summer vacation.

Games For Kids: If you want your kids to enjoy this vacation and let you do the same, bring some stuff to keep them occupied. If possible, let them pack their own bags with little supervision from you. Teach them a few games that can be played verbally, without using any game set or toys.

Book in Advance: From airlines to hotel rooms, everything can be booked at a discount if you book well in advance. So it makes sense to plan your vacation a month or two in advance, and avail the best rates.

Plan Around Kids: When you are planning your vacation, keep in mind the age and interests of your children. If you have infants or toddlers, you do NOT want to go for an adventure trip to Leh!

Ask Questions: If booking a holiday through a package tour operator, get all information about the package. Ask questions about things that the tour price covers, insurance etc. Usually the quoted price does not cover everything that the operators advertise. So find out the details before you book.

Warm Attire: Sometimes it can get pretty cold in the hills, even in summer season. So make sure that you carry something warm for everyone. But do not overdo it. If need be, you can even buy when the need arises.

Don’t Forget The Camera: It may sound silly, but often people forget to pack in the camera. A camera is a must for a family vacation. So pack in extra batteries and a memory card for your camera as well.

Emergency Kit: Always carry an emergency kit while traveling. This should comprise of a first aid kit, batteries, flares, matchsticks, candle and a torch light.

Don’t Over-Do: Sometimes people plan too much into their schedule, in order to make the most of their trip. But this makes your holiday seem more like a task! So plan only as much as everyone can comfortably keep pace with. Keep time to relax and chill out with your family.

Dress Functionally: Keep light clothing for everyone in the family. Don’t forget that sneakers or loafers paired with jeans and tees are your best bet. You are going for a vacation and not a fashion parade. So keep out the jewelry, expensive perfumes and high heels. Stick with the basics and keep them a bare minimum.

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