Bebo Loses All That Hair!

By First Posted: May 12, 2009 Tue 5:05 PM Updated: May 12, 2009 Tue 5:08 PM
Bebo Loses All That Hair!
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All you young (and not so young) women out there, how often have you wanted to have hair like Kareena Kapoor’s? The long and silky mane of lustrous hair has always been Bebo’s prime charm.

But this is set to change. Kareena Kapoor has decided to chop off all that beautiful hair for her forthcoming film. As we mentioned a few days back, Kareena Kapoor has been signed to play the role played by Julia Roberts in the Hollywood film Stepmom. Yes, this is going to be a desi version of the same film, and Kajol is playing the role essayed by Oscar winner “Susan Sarandon” in the original version.

So when Bebo was told that her role required her to have short hair in the film, she readily agreed to chop off the mane that she has proudly flaunted all these years. That’s professionalism for you! We are in an era where all actors tak their characters very seriously. From Hritik Roshan to SRK to Aamir Khan, all our leading men keep changing their bodies and overall looks to suit their roles.

Kareena Kapoor has proved that female actors also take their work seriously. First she lost half her body weight to achieve a Size Zero figure for Tashshan, where she was to wear a bikini. Then she put on some flab for her role in Mr and Mrs Khanna. And now, the pretty lady has agreed to cut her long tresses for her role in Stepmom.

Cutting off long and beautiful hair can be a very distressing thing to do for most women. But not our Bebo! She’s a through professional when it comes to work. Sources reveal that Bebo is rather excited about getting a makeover and a fresh new look for the film. Since the character requires her to look much younger, the short hairstyle will suit the role much better. Though we do not know much about Kajol’s new look yet, we do know that she has lost oodles of weight and is looking sexier than she has ever looked!

Now that means you have at least 2 HOT reasons to go catch this flick whenever it releases! By the way, what do you think? Will Bebo look as pretty in short hair as she looks with her long mane?

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