Dealing With Layoffs (Part II)

By First Posted: Apr 24, 2009 Fri 5:01 PM
Dealing With Layoffs (Part II)
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“Forewarned is forearmed”, they say.

This holds true even today, perhaps more so. The global economic recession has cost dearly to everyone. Companies are losing profits, businesses are losing customers and people are losing jobs. In such a scenario, no one can be certain of what the future holds. Job security is out of question for almost everyone.

In our previous article in the series, we discussed the importance of being prepared for job cuts and layoffs. In our second article in this series, we will now discuss ways to deal with an actual job loss.

How To Deal With Being Laid Off

Losing your job is not merely the loss of a monthly paycheck. It has far reaching emotional and psychological consequences as well. If handled properly, even a job loss can be turned into an opportunity. But if not handled well, it could lead to depression and strain in relationships.

Not Your Fault: The most important thing is to realize that you lost your job due to reasons beyond your control. Do NOT blame yourself. Once you manage to avoid/get rid of guilt and self pity, you can get down to the real business of dealing with the situation.

Review Your Life: A steady job makes a lot of demands on your time and often changes your personality to quite an extent. Now that you are temporarily out of work, it is a great time to review your life. Are you living the life you wanted to live? Are you the person who you want to be? Is your family happy with you? The answers to these questions will tell you how you want to live from now onwards.

I Want Change: If you feel that you are not living the life that you always dreamt of, this job cut is good for you. Now you have to get your life back on track. Weigh your options. Make a list of things that interest you. Now do some brainstorming and work out the best plan that suits your lifestyle and responsibilities. Look at this job cut as an opportunity to reclaim your life. Just do it!

I Want My Life Back: If you are really happy with the life you have been living, then you need to start looking for a new job in the same field. Considering the economic conditions, it may not be as easy as it sounds. NBut you could try a few things.

- Negotiate with your employer. Offer to take a salary cut and retain your job.
- Create a scene. It sounds unprofessional, but hey, we are talking of a job that you love! Plus, it often works, especially for females!
- Call up all the contacts that you have networked with in your industry in the last year.
- Enroll in a skill enhancement/training program.
- Go for higher education to use this time effectively.
- Watch out for opportunities to freelance in your industry.

Hopefully, these tips will help you tide over the unpleasant situation of a job loss. Whatever happens, do not give up. Be positive because this phase will not last forever!

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