Who Has The Sexiest Butt In Business?

By First Posted: Apr 16, 2009 Thu 3:43 PM Updated: Apr 16, 2009 Thu 3:48 PM
Who Has The Sexiest Butt In Business?
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Katrina Kaif is the queen of online polls. Her name keeps cropping up every time an online poll is mentioned. From being the most downloaded celebrity on the internet to being the only Indian face of Barbie doll, Kat has done it all. The latest poll that the lovely actress has topped is the survey of sexy butts.

Yes, Katrina Kaif has the sexiest butt according to a recently conducted poll on the internet. Kat topped the list with 24 percent votes cast in her favor. The hot Jennifer Lopez, who is extremely popular for her derrière, came in a close second. The Spanish hottie is followed by Malaika Arora Khan, Beyonce Knowles, Yana Gupta, Jessica Biel, Mallika Sherawat and Cameron Diaz.

In the same poll, Katrina was voted as the celebrity people want to see endorsing a soft drink. Unfortunately, Katrina’s pout is not considered as sexy as her butt. Priyanka Chopra won the poll when it came to luscious lips. This younger lot of Bollywood lovelies may be grabbing all these “beauty” polls. But when it comes to POWER, they are not as powerful as the Bachchan Bahurani.

In another survey, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was voted the most powerful female actor in Bollywood. Ash has now left behind the celebrities like Priyanka, Katrina, Madhuri Dixit and Bebo. This poll also revealed that Ash is one of the most likeable and friendly celebs in india. She is THE ONLY FEMALE in the Top 10 Recognized Celebrities from all walks of life.

Clearly, the war of popularity is on between Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Interestingly, one is the current girlfriend of Salman Khan and the other is an ex-flame of the same guy! One thing is certain, Salman does have some taste!

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