How To Get Super Sexy & Toned Arms (Part I)

By First Posted: Mar 10, 2009 Tue 9:01 PM Updated: Mar 10, 2009 Tue 9:02 PM
How To Get Super Sexy & Toned Arms (Part I)
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If you are like the average Indian woman, NOBODY ever gets to see your sexy butt or tight abs, except your partner perhaps. Yet, women are so obsessed with working on abs or thighs, or the butt. Does it make any sense? The one part of your body that is most exposed is your arms. People look at your arms and form an opinion of how good looking, fit or sexy you are. Flabby arms point towards an obese body, skinny arms represent a boring size zero body devoid of curves, and well toned arms indicate a sexy overall appearance.

So should you not be paying more attention to the body part which everyone is looking at? A pair of sexy well toned arms flatters any dress you may wish to flaunt. From sleeveless gowns to cap sleeved shirts to halter neck blouses, everything looks great ONLY when you have arms worth showing off. So here are some ways to tone up your arms and look smoldering…

Cut The Fat

It is NOT possible to tone up your arms while the rest of you remains fat. Spot Reduction is really a myth. So the first important thing is to understand that sexy arms appear only when you pay attention to the “whole” of you. So cut the fat from your diet. Eat a wholesome and nutritive diet that keeps you full without elevating your blood sugar levels or encouraging your body to store fat.


You’ll get a toned look only when you lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

Aerobic Workout: This part of exercise is essential to burn the calories. It helps in general weight loss and figure correction. But it does absolutely nothing for spot specific problems.

Strength Training: This part of your exercise schedule helps in building muscle that replaces the fat. As you build muscle, your body becomes a more efficient fat burning machine. Working on a specific muscle group helps in improving the aesthetics of that body part.

It is essential to stress the fact that diet control, along with aerobic exercise and weight training exercise is the only way to get super sexy and toned arms like Michelle Obama or Shilpa Shetty.

In our next article in the series, we will bring you exercise tips for toning your arms and getting them into shape. Till then, Keep Working Out!!!

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