A Battle Of Brews…

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A Battle Of Brews…
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What does it take to get you out of bed every morning? A cup of tea, or a cup of coffee? Research shows that the “Morning Cuppa” is more popular that breakfast! Come to think of it, how many times have you substituted a cup of tea or coffee for a wholesome breakfast?

Tea and coffee are probably the most controversial beverages ever! Every now and then, you come across “research” that says coffee is bad for your heart. A few months later, “research” shows that coffee may in fact prevent heart disease! Tea and coffee have both been linked to many diseases, in both positive and negative ways. But of course, there’s no conclusive research yet.

What follows is a comparison of the 2 brews. I’ll try to keep it as factual as possible, without resorting to any of the previously mentioned “research”.


Tea: Southeast Asia i.e.: Northeast India, North Burma, Southwest China and Tibet. Tea was first brewed in 2737 BC.
Coffee: Coffee was first used in Highlands of Ethiopia in 9th Century AD.

Caffeine Content

Tea: 30-90 mg per cup, depending on the type of tea.
Coffee: 60-175 mg per cup depending on type of brew. Decaf contains 2-5 mg caffeine per cup.


Tea: White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black/Red Tea, Yellow Tea and Post Fermented Tea.
Coffee: Drip Coffee, Espresso, Brewed, Instant, Decaf Brewed and Decaf Instant.

Beneficial For Heart?

Tea: Ample research is available to prove that tea decreases serum cholesterol, free fatty acids and triglycerides. Therefore, tea is said to be beneficial for the heart.
Coffee: Coffee is known to contain a fat like substance called “cafestol” which increases the blood cholesterol levels. But recent research points towards beneficial effects on heart.

Medicinal Uses

Tea: Tea is said to be useful in treating a) loose motions, b) obesity, c)lethargy, d)colds, e)wind, f)beauty treatments and g)as manure.
Coffee: Coffee is often prescribed as a cure for a)diarrhea, b)lethargy and c)colds.

Effect On Environment

Ecologically speaking, tea is a much preferable brew. Coffee cultivation is responsible for a lot of water wastage. Research says that while it takes 1120 liters of water to produce a liter of coffee, it takes just 120 liters of water to produce a liter of tea!

These are a few basic comparisons between the two most popular beverages around the world. While tea seems to have more pros as compared to coffee, many people still prefer coffee. One reason is the adorable aroma of freshly brewed coffee. There is something very attractive about that. Also, numerous coffee shops mushrooming everywhere make it appear to be an expensive but classy brew.

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