How To Improve Your English

By First Posted: Jan 28, 2009 Wed 5:30 AM
How To Improve Your English
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Do you find yourself “fumbling for words” when somebody speaks to you in English? Are you answers in an English conversation in “Monosyllables” only?

Let’s face it. You need to improve your English language skills. Not convinced?

Why Do You Need To Improve Your English?

Career Moves: English is the globally spoken language as far as business world goes. If you plan to earn your living in this competitive environment, you cannot afford to not know English. Speaking in your mother tongue is looked down upon in work situations and can even be considered unprofessional in some companies.

Social Interaction: When you find yourself in a group where everybody is speaking English, you might feel left out if you can’t! More importantly, speaking flawless English usually gets you more attention from the opposite sex. Even French can do that, though!

No matter how much you love your mother tongue, knowing other languages is always useful. So here are a few tips on how you may improve your language skills in the English language.

• To begin with, you need to evaluate the areas that you are weakest in. Is it speaking, reading, writing or listening? Or perhaps, all four? After you know your weaknesses, you can chart out a program for yourself to improve.

Reading good books in English is the most important step in learning the language. If you start reading books avidly, you will never need to learn any rules of Grammar. The whole thing will come to you automatically. You could start with simple short stories and move on up to the great Classics. You could read non-fiction also, if you think you can keep yourself interested in it.

Practice makes a man perfect, especially when trying to learn a language. If you need to improve your writing skills, you should practice writing paragraphs, essays, letters, stories etc in your own words. Have a friend or a relative or even a neighbor check your material for mistakes. Keep writing till you start getting it right.

Conversation is the way to go! To improve listening and speaking skills in the English language, there is no other option. You need to speak the language. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Big Deal! Everybody makes mistakes. The idea is to become comfortable in speaking the language. As you practice, you will stop making the mistakes that you make initially. If you keep going at it persistently, very soon you will begin to speak the English language flawlessly and fluently.

Become a Couch Potato. Yes, watching the right programs on TV can prove to be very useful. Watch News in English or sitcoms/chat shows on English channels. You could even watch English movies. Satellite TV has made all this possible. So why not use it? This will help you in learning accents, pronunciation and build fluency.

• Friends help. Your efforts will fetch you great results, if you could find someone to help you. A friend, neighbor, relative or a teacher, anyone who is good in the English language. All you need to do is spend some time with this person everyday and practice your speaking/listening skills.

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