Are You Fashionable This Winter?

By First Posted: Jan 9, 2009 Fri 3:26 PM Updated: Jan 9, 2009 Fri 3:31 PM
Are You Fashionable This Winter?
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Most men look forward to the bright summers because that is when pretty women are at their fashionable best. From sexy shorts to revealing tops, summers are really a time when you can walk around in skimpy clothes under the pretext of feeling hot. You can even wear a bikini in the summers, provided you have the body for it!

But this does not mean that you have to walk around in a blanket during the winters. Winters can be a lot of fun if you know how to dress up. The good thing about winter season is that you can hide your body’s flaws under layers of clothes, and still be pretty!

What's IN This Season?

Tunics You saw almost every fashion-conscious woman wearing long tops with tights last summer. This winter, the trend stays. So you need to get one or two tunics in wool. Team up this top wear with sexy woolen tights or stockings. Throw in a colorful muffler for effect and VOILA! You are “winter-sexy”!

Cropped Jackets The formal look this season encompasses well fitted cropped jackets teamed up with formal trousers. Since this is a formal affair, neutral colors are the best bet for this attire.

Camouflage The informal and trendy look of the 3-colored camouflage style is in again. From trousers to casual jackets to sweatshirts, camouflage is really back in vogue.

Ponchos Largely considered to be the item for little girls, Ponchos look great on women of any size. Team up a colorful poncho with your jeans and you have the perfect casual winter attire. The poncho is not only classy, but also hides your flaws rather well!

Boots Never make the mistake of wearing sport shoes with your jeans just because it’s too cold to wear sandals. Sport shoes are meant for sports/gymming only. So for your casual look, go for casual boots of any kind. From knee high to ankle high to thigh high, the boots come in all styles. You can buy them in flat heeled version or stiletto version or even the platform style version. As far as boots go, almost every style is IN!!!

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