3 Tips That Can Help You Clinch An Interview

By First Posted: Jan 7, 2009 Wed 4:26 PM Updated: Jan 7, 2009 Wed 4:28 PM

“Just 3 Tips?”

Is this what you are thinking right now? While career and job resources have articles running on and on for multiple pages, memsaab has only 3 simple tips for you. Our tips may be small in number, but they are REALLY effective. So do you want to know what these 3 magic tips are?

1. Anticipate Before you go for the interview, prepare well. This means that you should conduct a mock interview with yourself. Anticipate all the questions that your interviewer is likely to ask you. Place yourself in the interviewer’s shoes and anticipate their reactions to your answers. This process will help you immensely in honing your interview skills.

2. Power Dressing While you may want to look good at the interview, you certainly don’t want your looks to be the focus of the interview. Never try to dress sexy or provocatively for an interview. So no shorts and certainly no low cut tops. Stick with formal business attire as far as possible. Your formal dressing shows your professionalism. If you are not into business suits etc, you could opt for a formal looking sari as well.

3. What’s Your Carat? How genuine you are, plays a very important role in interviews. The interviewers sitting across you are professionals who are trained to catch lies and fake behavior. So your answers should not be text-book type rehearsed and rhetoric replies. Everything you say should have a personal touch to it and should be genuine, above everything else.

While these 3 tips work like magic for almost all interviews, there is one basic requirement that you must fulfill. If you are not really a good candidate for a job, these tips might not be of much use to you. In fact, no interview tips or techniques can help you if you are not really a good candidate. So preparing yourself for the job at hand, is the most important step before you appear for the interview.

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