Is The Most Powerful Person, An Idiot?

By First Posted: Jan 5, 2009 Mon 4:11 PM Updated: Jan 6, 2009 Tue 3:43 AM

One of the biggest news of the day is that Congress Queen, Sonia Gandhi and Bollywood Baadshah, Shahrukh Khan have been listed amongst the 50 Most Powerful People of The World!

This list, in which Barack Obama , the recently elected president of USA sits at that top most position, has been published by the American magazine, Newsweek.

Shahrukh occupies the 41st position in the list. Yet there’s someone, who thinks he is an idiot, just like himself!

This is not the first time he is cracking such a joke in public. Before this, he had used his blog to crack a joke on Shahrukh! Yes, he’s is none other than our perfectionist, Aamir Khan!

Aamir Khan’s next annual released is titled The Three Idiots. He is not only publicising his current movie Ghajini by becoming a barber to the theatre staff, but is also smartly creating a buzz about his next year’s release by making such statements!

In a recent public appearance, Aamir asked the crowed, “Do you know who the three idiots of the industry are?” And then he replied, “"Idiot number one to main hoon, Idiot number two Salman hai and Idiot number three hai Shahrukh."

Aah! Now that’s a pure publicity stunt, Mr. Khan!

Of course the crowd leaped and rejoice in excitement at this statement. Thankfully there was no one in the crowd who was also a part of the Shahrukh or Salman fan club!

This was enough to generate curiosity amongst the gathering about his next film. Later, he went on to clarify, “But don't think that we are coming together in the film. We are the three idiots of the film industry but the three characters in my film, Three Idiots, are different."

Hmmmm... seems like the Khan rivalry is taking a new turn!

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