How To Protect Your Kids From Cold Weather

By First Posted: Jan 4, 2009 Sun 4:50 PM Updated: Jan 4, 2009 Sun 4:54 PM
How To Protect Your Kids From  Cold Weather
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Winter is a tough season to handle. There are too many things that you need to take care of from your health to your skin.

While you are quite aware of what you need to do and what measures you need to take in these dry months, children remain very ignorant about their health and general protection. Obviously, it is you who has to take up the responsibility. Here are a few things that you must take care of to ensure they are well-protected all the time.

Keep a check on the temperature outside
While you are inside your warm and cozy house, you may not realize how the temperatures are dipping outside day by day. And your kids won’t realize it, even when they run outside to play in the cold evenings! So, before their play time arrives, dress them well with enough warm clothes to protect them against the weather outside.

Keep the chest protected
With so much jumping and playing around, your kids might feel warm and take off their jackets and, gradually even the other layers of warm clothes that you had made them wear. So, beneath their t-shirt, make them wear a warm vest that will protect them from catching the cold even if they take off their sweaters and jackets.

Cover their ears
Whenever they are going out, give them a scarf or a woolen cap to wear that will keep their head and ears covered. Covering their heads and ears will keep their body temperature regulated and protecting them from cold and cough.

Lastly, give extra attention to cleanliness
Woolens tend to become the breading grounds for bacteria. and with kids, the problem is further aggravated with kids as they are greater exposed to germs and dirt. So, take good care of their warm clothes.

Sometimes, warm clothes are not enough. It is equally important to protect their delicate skin from the chilly waves. If their skin is not given sufficient protection, the winter dryness may become painful for your kids. Therefore, use a cold cream regularly on their skin, especially after they have taken a bath with warm water.

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