Avoid Irritating Neighbours

By First Posted: Jan 2, 2009 Fri 4:05 PM Updated: Jan 2, 2009 Fri 6:19 PM

Neighbours, neighbours everywhere, not a place to live! They'll come over for tea, coffee, sometimes even water! They want to accompany you for evening walks and useless talks, blabbing away to glory about their super intellegent kids, over-active in-laws, very close fourth cousins or relatives working in the movie starring big stars like Rakhi Sawant! Of course they also want to know how active your kid is in extra curricular activities and how you prepare such delicacies in the evenings that the aroma travels all the way to their bedrooms…

Someone has truly said, "good fences make good neighbours!" So, here's how to buzz off the bad ones:

Act instantly
As soon as you realise that you want to avoid your neighbour, start avoiding. Don’t wait till she gets on to your nerves or starts taking you for granted. If you need to be rude, be rude from day one. Later, it will become very difficult to avoid them, once they sneak into your personal space!

Be busy doing nothing.

If you have nothing else to do, gather twigs for your sister’s daughter’s craft project or simply start counting the stars… but do something when they are around so that they don’t bother you. If you are free, they will jump on the opportunity with their irritating tales and gossips. Or worse still, ask you for a ‘small’ favour. So, look and sound busy always!

Talking is the best way to avoid listening!

Call up someone and start talking to your friend! Or if you have fallen into your neighbour’s trap, fake a call: “sorry, important call from office." Easy escape!

To avoid, keep an eye!

Acquire a video surveillance camera and mount it at your main door. This way you can avoid the problematic neighbour to barge into your house without warning.

When nothing else works, confront
Tell her you don’t like her company on her face! If she has the tinest of ego, she will not come to you again. If she does, just keep refusing her till she gets the point!

We can neither choose our relatives, nor our neighbours. But there’s one thing that we can definitly do with our neighbours, but not with our relatives. Avoid them!

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