Communicating With Parents (Part II)

By First Posted: Dec 29, 2008 Mon 7:28 PM Updated: Dec 29, 2008 Mon 7:29 PM
Communicating With Parents (Part II)
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All right! So there are many issues that divide teenagers and their parents. Sometimes teenagers feel that every single thing they do or say is bound to earn the flak of their parents. Is it true? Of course not! But if you do feel that communicating with your parents always gets you in trouble, maybe you are not doing it right.

Is there a right way to communicate meaningfully with parents? Is it possible to share your feelings without being screamed at? Will your parents really listen? Yes, the answer is in affirmative to all these questions. But only if you know how to….

Agenda For Communication If there’s something important you need to discuss with your parents (something they may not like) you should be prepared well before you begin. For e.g. If you are planning to tell them about your boyfriend, have all your points ready. Anticipate their doubts, concerns and questions. Have the answers ready in your mind before you broach the topic.

Get The Timing Right Contrary to what most teenagers think, parents do have a life of their own. They have their own problems and tensions. So you must be considerate when you choose a time to talk. Don’t bug your father with demands for a new scooter as soon as he gets home after a day’s work. Does your mom seem in a foul mood? Obviously, this is not the perfect time to ask for some shopping money!

Keep It Rational Parents are most receptive to communication when you behave rationally. When discussing an important topic, keep out the emotional outbursts or temper tantrums. If you really want to be taken seriously, prove that you are serious.

Make It A Habit Having a healthy conversation with your parents should not be a One-Time thing. It should be done regularly, so that the whole family knows what is happening in everyone’s life. Remember, shared happiness is doubled and shared sorrow is halved!

Follow The Basic Rules Just because your parents are listening to you, it doesn’t mean that you can forget your manners. They deserve the basic respect and good manners that should be followed in every conversation. Do not interrupt while they are talking. Do not disrespect them by actions or words.

Just follow these basic rules, and you will find that talking to parents is a breeze!!!

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