“Saifeena”: The Real Life Live-In Relationship

By First Posted: Dec 16, 2008 Tue 3:47 PM Updated: Dec 16, 2008 Tue 3:59 PM
“Saifeena”: The Real Life Live-In Relationship
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Saif Ali Khan has portrayed live-in relationships in movies like Salaam Namaste as everyone knows. What you don’t know is that the actor will soon be entering a live-in relationship in his real life as well.

With who? No surprises here! Saif is obviously going to live with his current girlfriend Kareena Kapoor. The couple has bought an apartment in Bandra. A little birdie told us that Twinkle Khanna has been roped in to do the interiors of the apartment. Now that’s not surprising. Everybody knows that the couple got along very well with Akshay Kumar while shooting for Tashan, the greatest flop of this year. So it’s no wonder that his wife gets this piece of business!

So as soon as the apartment is done up into a beautiful home, Saifeena will move in immediately. Bollywood is abuzz with rumors that the couple has got married secretly. But that is not really true. Though Saif keeps repeating that he will be marrying Bebo “very soon”, the lady herself doesn’t seem too keen. Nevertheless, it is expected that the couple will make their relationship official next year. One thing everybody can be sure of is that their home will be very “spicy”. With Saif selling Lays, while Bebo sells Kurkure, what else can you expect?

While many people think that the celebs have great lives, the reality is far from the truth. So many couples in our cities live-in without getting married. But will it be possible for Saifeena to do that without being judged? Probably not! The media and the moral police will definitely do what they are known to do. Celebrities have no personal lives, really!

One little point perturbs me constantly. If Saif and Kareena plan to get married to each other, why have they decided to live together instead of getting married? Is it because they want to make sure that they can stand each other as life partners? Or is it an attempt to garner free publicity for their movies? Interestingly, the couple are working together for a Karan Johar production. This is the first time that they have been paired romantically in a film. So is all this “live-in” drama a prelude to their reel life romance? Who knows!!!

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