Kareena Says Bye Bye To Size Zero!

By First Posted: Dec 9, 2008 Tue 5:20 PM Updated: Dec 9, 2008 Tue 5:22 PM
Kareena Says Bye Bye To Size Zero!
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After making headlines for her Size Zero look in Tashan, the hungry looking Kareena Kapoor is making headlines for a new reason. Yes, Bebo has decided to lose the “Size Zero” look. Much as she loved her “skinny” image (we thought it was skeletal), Kareena is behaving like a thorough professional and has no qualms about losing the hard earned Size Zero tag.

Kareena is hoping to become her curvy self once again for her upcoming movies. In Kambakht Ishq, opposite Akshay Kumar, Bebo is playing a sexy and voluptuous character. So she has not only given up the anorexic dieting, but has also reduced her yoga sessions from 7 days a week to 3. After sporting the look of Posh Spice in “Tashan”, Bebo is now all set to steal the look of Sarah Jessica Parker in Kambakht Ishq. It has been reported that sister Lolo is a big fan of the Sex and the City star and advised Bebo to try to imitate her look.

Kareena is also doing a Karan Johar film next year. In this film, she is playing a Muslim girl and will be paired with Saif Ali Khan. To achieve a natural look in this film, Karan has advised Kareena to curve up a little more. He wants his heroine to have a sexy and plump look.

So we can be sure that Kareena will not be on an anorexic diet for quite a few months now. We can hope to see a chubby and curvy Bebo once again. One of the fittest and sexiest babes in Bollywood, Bipasha Basu once asked “what is a woman without curves?”. Bips should know, people! After all, she (and not Bebo) has been voted as the sexiest Asian recently!!!

What do you think? Should Kareena go back to her curvy body, or should she stay as thin as she is now? Does she look “sexy” or “malnourished” in her Size Zero avatar? Please leave your comments below.

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