How To Make Eyes Look Bigger

By First Posted: Dec 7, 2008 Sun 1:53 PM Updated: Dec 7, 2008 Sun 1:56 PM

Though small eyes look cute and exotic, big eyes are considered beautiful and sexy! But if you have small eyes, don’t think that they cannot look sexy. On the contrary you always have the choice of looking either cute and exotic or sexy and beautiful at will! Because it is possible to make small eyes look bigger, but not the other way round!

Eye-makeup is an art and it has the magical power to transform your look. The most important thing to remember while using make-up to make your eyes look bigger is that all your concentration should be on your eyes. You must keep your overall makeup light in order to highlight your eyes.

You can start with a pale coloured eye shadow and brush it lightly all over your eyes. This will provide a light base to your eyelids that will distinct your eyes from the rest of your face.

Now, take a b>darker coloured shadow and apply lightly on the outer crease of your eye lids. This will give a heavy and dramatic look to your eyes.

Take liquid eyeliner and put it lightly on your upper lid, taking it all the way out and forming a light curve. This gives a large look to your eyes that appear to end at the corners in beautifully curved eyelashes. You may want to match the colour of the eyeliner with your eyes in choosing between black and brown shades. In case you wish to try out another colour, you may experiment with shades that go with your outfit

Use Kohl (kajal) to line the lower lining of your eyes. This also makes your eyes stand out and gives it a larger appearance. Kohl also comes in various shades these days. But experiment with the colours only if you are very confident of the look you want.

You may also use mascara over your eyelashes to make them look bigger. But if you already have long, curled eyelashes, do not overdo the mascara or you may run the risk of looking outdated!

Now you are through with your eye makeup. You make want to use a concealer if your have under eye circles. For the rest of your face, you may use light foundation and a lip highlighter to give an overall effect. But on the whole keep this makeup light.

Oh look at you now. Don’t you look simply gorgeous?

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