"Mom, This Is Sameer, My Boyfriend."

By First Posted: Nov 27, 2008 Thu 5:19 PM Updated: Nov 27, 2008 Thu 5:52 PM

Introducing your boyfriend to your family might never be that simple. Although you wish it was. You wish your parents didn’t think it was such a big (and at times shameful) thing to have, what they call, an ‘affair’!

Things are definitely changing. Parents are ready to accept their daughters’ relationships. But breaking the ice on this subject for the first time is still not easy.

So, if you are planning to introduce your boyfriend to your parents, make sure you are well-prepared for the big step!

Here’s how to begin…

Relax and spit out the fear. You haven’t committed a crime. You just need to make them understand what he means to you.


Wait for a good time to talk to your parents, when they are relaxed and open for a discussion. You can begin by telling them, who he is and what he is doing. If they already know him as your friend, it will make things easier for you. Don’t jump off to telling them how much you love him. First, tell them the reasons why he means so much to you.


They won’t love him at first and you need to accept this fact doing anything. Now, after you’ve told them what you feel, listen to them quietly. And attentively! They might have questions that you need to answer.

Don’t start shouting or arguing to defend your boyfriend. They would be more convinced if you give them rational reasons. Or at times, just believable reasons!


When you feel you have reasonably convinced them to accept the relationship, ask them to meet your guy. They will feel more at peace if they see him in person. If you truly believe in him, you should not be afraid of this.

Now is the time to prepare your boyfriend to meet your parents. Tell him relevant things from the conversation you had with your parents about him. Also tell him what your parents are like and what they expect from him. And finally, warm him against any sensitive issues that should not be raised in front of them.

If your boyfriend impressed you, he will surely be able to impress your parents. Once they have met your guy and accepted your relationship, you can tell them about your future plans!

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