Sallu’s GFs Always In Double Roles!

By First Posted: Nov 24, 2008 Mon 3:02 PM Updated: Nov 24, 2008 Mon 4:17 PM
Sallu’s GFs Always In Double Roles!
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It's amusing how loverboy Salman Khan always manages to find a hamshakal of his lady love!

A few years ago when he was wooed by the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai, he discovered Sneha Ullal, who looked exactly like her. He took her for his film Lucky and ah, what a ‘Lucky’ girl! Simply by virtue of being Aishwarya’s look-alike, she bagged a role opposite Salman Khan!

Now, again Salman has caught hold of an extremely beautiful girlfriend, Katrina Kaif. And he has already found a hamshakal of his girlfriend! He is planning to cast her in his next movie, Veer!

Memsaab wonders how he always manages to find a look-alike of his girlfriend, every time he is unable to work with the original one!

Salman spotted Katrina’s duplicate, Zarina on the sets of Yuvraaj. According to a source, she is younger to Katrina but looks exactly like her when seen from a slight distance.

The source also tells that Zarina will soon be given a different identity for her entry into Bollywood and her name will be changed to a Hindu one!

The girl anyway lost her visual identity long ago! Earlier she was working as Katrina’s duplicate in her films. And now, even after her own film, she will be forever tagged as Katrina’s humshakal since Sallu has picked her for precisely the same reason!

Nevertheless, the sacrifice is worth it if she’s getting to work opposite the sexy Khan!

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