Don't Let Backache Ruin Your Life! (Part II)

By First Posted: Nov 19, 2008 Wed 6:01 PM Updated: Nov 19, 2008 Wed 6:05 PM
Don't Let Backache Ruin Your Life! (Part II)
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Whatever the reason may be for your persistent backache, usually you can cure it on your own. Unless the pain is severe and debilitating, a few simple things like back exercises can usually get you back to being fit as a fiddle. Here’s the lowdown on backache management strategies:

Strengthen Your Back With Exercises

Stretching and strengthening exercises help in developing strong back muscles. These exercises can be learned from a trainer or a physical therapist. Some people argue that exercises can help in mild pain and in prevention of pain, but they are not much help in acute pain. To an extent this is true because acute pain stands in the way of proper exercising of the muscles. Nevertheless, everyone should consistently practice back exercises to avoid problems.

Massage It!

A professional massage works wonders when you want to relax sore muscles. But even if you do not have access to a professional one, you can always ask your partner to give you a massage. A back massage given with warm oil can soothe nerves and relax muscles to a great extent.

Hot & Cold

A cold compress is also recommended in treating backache. But experts advise that the cold compress be avoided for at least the first 8-10 hours of the injury. On the other hand, heat treatments are also known to help in alleviating backache. Hot fomentation is known to be one of the most effective strategies for dealing with muscle pain.

Garlic Treatment

This one is from the grandma’s kitchen. Many arthritic grand moms swear by this particular treatment. Chop 3-4 cloves of garlic and fry them in 50-60 ml of oil over a slow flame. You can use mustard, olive or groundnut oil for this. Turn off the flame when the garlic turns brown. After the oil cools down a little, apply on the back and massage properly. Let it stay on the back for 3-4 hours, after which you can take a warm water bath.


Acupuncture is another treatment recommended by many people. In this particular treatment, the acupuncture practitioner will stick many needles into your skin at various points. This may sound painful, but all it really does is relieve you of the pain!


Allopathy offers many “prescription” as well as “over the counter” drugs that can be taken to alleviate pain. The only word of caution here is that you should not pop a pill every time you feel a slight ache. The reason is that pain fighting drugs like ibupofren are known to increase Blood Pressure.

Muscle Relaxants

Yes, the creams, gels and sprays like Moov, Volini etc do work. The problem is that these relaxants usually provide temporary relief only.


Last, but not the least, is Yoga. Yoga is definitely the mother of all cures. It can cure anything and everything. Breathing exercises and postures involving the back can help immensely in treating the root cause of pain.

All these strategies are useful in dealing with back problems. But it is advisable to practice yoga and some back exercises on a daily basis so that you never have to treat a backache. Prevention is better than cure, after all!

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